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Lisa & Steve’s Album!!!

I haven’t posted in a couple of days, mainly because I have been feverishly working on a new album design. I think I’m finally finished with it, and now I can take a break for a day :) Hope you enjoy it!



Spreading like wildfire?

Check out this photo someone sent me, I couldn’t believe it myself.


Did you? Well, it would be WAY cool, but it’s a joke :) I stumbled across this cool site the other day, check it out!

Tanque Verde Guest Ranch – 1.12.08

So . . . Tonie & Jason are just an awesome couple, period. I had a lot of fun shooting their engagement pictures over the weekend at the famous Tanque Verde Guest Ranch. It was a surprisingly beautiful place with rich colors and very cool backdrops. Think of a lush, beautiful desert and you’ll probably be close to what their pictures came out like! I can’t wait for their wedding May!

17 Mile Drive . . .

While in Monterey I had the wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenery. My wife and I drove along the 17 Mile Drive which is located along the Pebble Beach, and continues through some of the most lavish, breathtaking and awesome coastline (not to mention those mansions along the way too!). Here’s some quick snapshots of the coastline, continuing down the 1-Highway.

Now, who’ll start the bidding on the beach home in #1 at . . .

Cypress Point

Big Sur

Lover's Point

Seals on Cypress Beach

Cypress Lookout

Monterey beauty!

Imagine yourself on a foggy beach, in California, at Christmas, in a wedding dress and no shoes, and it’s really cold out. Did you come up with what I imagined? Anyways, maybe you’ll have to ask Lisa & Steve what they thought. It might not sound very beautiful, but it was breathtaking. One of my favorite couples to work with! They are full of energy and are willing to do anything! They are the people I like to work with because . . . they let me create stunning and “edgy” (I swear it’s a word) photography that really expresses my creativity and their character. Take a look for yourself.

Know anyone getting married on some exotic beach that wants a photographer like none other? Let me know . . .