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El Conquistador, Family & Senior – 02.22.08

Yesterday couldn’t have been a better day for photography. Beautiful light, nice cool weather and a great location! If you haven’t been to the El Conquistador Resort, it’s a cool place, really luxurious :)

Anyways, Courtney was just a super fantastic person to work with. Very easy going, willing to try everything, and very easy to take pictures of! It seemed that everything we tried just worked out awesome.

The Gardner’s are good friends and it was a true honor to be able to work with them. If you don’t know them, you’re really missing out. Anyways, enjoy their photos! Tell me what you think!

Here’s the family all together. Aren’t they are so coordinated? Absolutely love their choice of colors . . . and everyone smiled :)

Gates Pass – 02.16.08

It was a bright sunny day on Saturday where I had a great time with 2 different families. They had both wanted their family photographs near the very top of the valley there, and it was quite something. A beautiful place near sunset (although I left just as the sun fell below the horizon). Great place, nice hikes and beautiful scenery.

Note: hiking up the cliffs with 40lbs of gear wasn’t exactly a walk in the park! It was all but necessary considering the brightness of the whole scene as the first family would have been very dark without a large light next to them. The 2nd family would have been too bright and a gnasty orange color if I had not used the light as well. If that’s what it takes to get great portraits, I’m there!

Trail Dust Town, Golf & Stuff!

I had such an awesome morning today with Heather & Jay!!! It was a bit chilly, but it warmed up real quick. Anyways, we headed over to Trail Dust Town for their engagement photos, and boy do they know how to have fun! It was just a blast with all the cool scenery there, and they are just very natural and relaxed so it made for some great portraits! We then ran over to Golf & Stuff (right next door) to see if they’d be kind enough to let us get some fun shots on the golf course. Luckily, there wasn’t a whole lot of people, so they gave us some clubs and balls and I worked my magic :)

Anyways, there are too many to show, but here are some of the awesome results! Enjoy!

Gigi & Eric – 02.02.08

I had an awesome engagement session over the weekend that I just had to share on the blog! Gigi & Eric are a new couple that I have the privilege to work with, and they will be getting married this coming March, and I can’t wait! They are totally awesome and really fun and easy to work with (people that like to have fun are always great to work with!). Anyways, we went downtown and roamed around a bit just looking for cool things like . . . grungy alleys, cools signs, big buildings. We also met a guy that claimed to have the “coolest mustache in Tucson”.

Enough talk, enjoy their awesome photos!