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Brett . . . Another Hilton Session

I told you the Hilton is a popular place, and you can see why! It provides a great location, with plenty of variety, to get some really great Senior Pictures in Tucson. Brett is a fantastic guy and a really easy subject to work with. Great choice of attire as well :) If you know Brett, ask him about his flexing pose, he’ll tell you all about it.

Enjoy the photos . . .

Halie @ Hilton Resort

I’m just now getting around to getting some more recent projects on the blog. I’m still busy processing more wedding photos, designing albums and senior portfolios! Be patient and you’ll see it all :)

Anyways, Halie was an excellent model and very photogenic. It was a beautiful day and a fun time with her and her friends that were visiting. Here are some of my favorites, check them out!

There is still time for class of 2008 senior pictures, but graduation is just around the corner!

Golf Pro

I had another awesome session at El Conquistador resort, it’s becoming quite the popular place! I’ll be heading there another 2 times this same week for some more Seniors, but Daniel was a blast. We did a couple of formal shots, and then headed out to one of the greens where it was completely empty! We sure lucked out as I thought we wouldn’t get any “green” time, but it turned out perfect. Daniel is actually and excellent golfer. I had him hit a couple of balls to get some action, and he nailed one right next to the hole! WOW!

These are some of my favorite shots as of late, so enjoy!

What a weekend!

I had a real blast this weekend, but it was also a bit tiresome. I had the great opportunity to shoot 2 weddings for some really awesome couples. I posted their engagement photos not too long ago, so you can check out Heather & Jay’s and also Gigi & Eric’s engagement sessions. Both were married in the Mesa Arizona Temple with great weather and beautiful lighting! It was a bit of driving, but definitely worth it. I just wanted to post some quick favorites from both weddings, and of course, more to follow this week!

Congrats again to Heather & Jay, and Gigi & Eric!

Album & Product Samples!

The long wait is over. Meagan & Nate’s album came in this week and it totally rocks! The colors and sharpness of an ASUKABOOK are just awesome. I love it, and luckily they did too :) I’m trying to get more photos of my actual products and thought it would be a good time to get some more.

Also check out my new CD cases, they’re hip and jazzin’ (at least I think so)!


I had a great portrait session with Rachel yesterday at La Paloma.  The resort is a very pleasant atmosphere and provided some great setups and backdrops.  As we were wrapping up we happened upon this nice place outdoors that just totally meshed with everything.  Turns out it was the winning shot!

Anyways, Rachel is a member of BNI, an organization to which we both attend that helps us build our business and network with other small businesses in Tucson.  It’s a great place to meet new people and connect with others that can augment your current network of associates.  Rachel is a Life Coach, and has actually been helping me with my business.  It’s been great to keep better track of my goals and desires, and it’s sure paying off already!

Back to the pictures . . .