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Destination: St. Croix, USVI | Wedding in Virgin Islands

If I could sum up the experience I had this past week into one word, that would be impossible; but the closest I can get is “unforgettable”. It truly was an amazing experience to shoot with Amber & Carraig for such a special occasion, and it such a meaningful place. Amber grew up there and had not been back in 17 years, so it was an honor to be there with them and her family. St. Croix is a beautiful place, but much different that I had anticipated. Not different in a bad way, just different.

The first thing that Carraig let me know was that everything moves at a slower pace on the island . . . much slower (except for the traffic, where speed limits are ignored). Food is prepared slower, your bags at the airport are released at a lethargic pace, it’s just a very laid back (as you can imagine an island vacation should be like!) community. I had pictured in my mind, and from online photos, that it would have been somewhat like what I see in one of my favorite TV shows, LOST. Close, but not quite. It did have a very fascinating rainforest part, but quite interesting was that the other part of the island was somewhat like a desert. The beaches had lots of lava-rock on them, but the water was as clear as you see in the pictures! Aqua green and you can easily see 20-30ft down without a problem! Coral lined the shores like it was nobody’s business. The architecture is very old, leftover from the Danish when they owned the island (don’t quote me on this, I’m no historian by any means). It was fascinating though! There were a bunch of old sugar mills left from back in the day when harvesting sugar cane was the big thing to do, now they were left empty as tourist attractions. Other ruins dotted the island (as you’ll see from the photos).

One other special thing for me was that I found out that my Great-great-great-great grandfather had lived on the island when he was in the Royal Danish army, back in like the 1840s or something. Although I didn’t get to tour the Fort where he was stationed, I’ll be sure to do so when I return in January for the wedding. We did get a neat and special tour of the main Government building of the island, and the Royal Ballroom, now that was neat.

I was able to drive across the entire island, so I guess it’s safe to say that I saw just about everything, almost all of the beaches as well (the island isn’t that big). It was a lot of work, but well worth the price to have been able to create such beautiful photographs for Amber & Carraig. Thanks again you two!

Bisbee AZ – Matt & Mary | Engagement Portraits in Arizona

Wow. That pretty much sums up how cool Bisbee is, with an awesome couple, on a beautiful day! Bisbee has a long tradition (in my memories) of old antique shops, art galleries, fantasticly rustic buildings and great hot dogs. I didn’t get to sample the hot dogs this time around, but I did the others! If you have not been there, please check it out. Don’t forget the really cool mine tour, definitely worth it.

Mary & Matt are getting married later this July, but it was a total blast to work with them. It was hard to put down the camera (ever) because they were always doing something new and fun. My friend Travis came along and shot some video work for me, which hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to post on the blog (for all you that are wondering how cool my engagement sessions really are!)

(NOTE: I don’t have my fancy border people always ask me about because I’m doing this from my laptop in the Virgin Islands, didn’t have that much time to work on it! Updates to come)

Tonie & Jason – 5.10.08 | Saguaro Buttes Wedding Photography in Tucson Arizona

I had the wonderful honor to work with Tonie & Jason, their friends and family, on such an important occasion! They totally rocked the house and it was an awesome wedding. Beautiful dress, tons of love and friendship, wonderful weather, and the coolest 1st dance I’ve ever seen in my life. You seen the YouTube one? Theirs was way better!

The wedding was at the Saguaro Buttes in southeast Tucson on a wonderfully gorgeous afternoon. For all that attended, their photos are online at their gallery for viewing. Go to: and enter their password. Don’t have a password, email them :)


Cheryl & Josh – Downtown Tucson Engagement Portraits in Arizona

What do you get when you combine an awesome couple, super cool location, great lighting and lot’s of energy? You get Cheryl & Josh’s engagement pictures! We headed downtown for what was going to be a moderately warm day, but the only thing that stayed hot was the couple! They didn’t stop, just one awesome picture after the other. We even had to stop and take a water break, it was that much fun! We just kept on walking around and found some of the coolest locations, like graffiti walls, abandoned buildings, parking garages and much more. If you know Cheryl or Josh, be sure to let them know how much you liked their photos!

Virginia Tech & Radford | Wedding Engagement Photography in Virginia

Although this week involved little sleep, long hours of flight and sore shoulders from hauling all of my gear through the airport, I would do it again in a heartbeat! I had a blast with Jennifer & Scott for their engagement photos, who are getting married this coming June. I might be a little biased as she’s my sis-in-law, but I think their engagement photos are the most romantic pictures to date :) Radford University and Virginia Tech University make great locations, and you can probably tell that Virginia is a bit greener than Arizona. Our family is really excited for them, and I’m just really excited about their photos.

I was surprised that the sun doesn’t set till around 8:20 there, so it was an interesting change! Enjoy . . .

Desert blossoms | Tucson Arizona landscape

It’s been a couple days since my last post, but I have a day to breath before the month starts to become really really busy. I had a wonderful wedding this past weekend out at Reflection at the Buttes, I’m traveling to Virginia tomorrow for some engagement photos, then a couple of more engagement sessions in Tucson in the next 2 weeks, and to top it off, a small little trip to the Virgin Islands (St. Croix) for more engagement photos. So those of you that are anxiously waiting for Tonie & Jason’s wedding photos, it might not be this week :) Usually they take about 2 weeks to be up online ready, fully prepped and awesom-ized. Yes, that’s right, they are awesome!

I did want to share a quick photo my grandpa wanted me to take, something that I have never really noticed before. People view the dessert as a dry, ugly and barren place. Yes, at times it can be pretty ugly (and unbearably hot), but during the spring and monsoon season, it becomes quite a haven. Here is the view from my front porch. The yellow trees are the Palo Verde’s in full bloom. You’ll see a bunch of “yellow dust” along the roads and sidewalks for a couple of weeks as they go everywhere! Tucson is very beautiful right now, you just need to stop and take in the view!

Engagement Guest Book – Next Hottest Wedding “must-have”!

So my designs and albums are becoming ever more popular, and I just started offering a new service (well back in January I guess). When was the last time that you flipped through your guest book from your wedding? I know I don’t remember. How much more often would you look at it if it had funny messages, cool insights, your awesome engagement photos??? Usually you can remember who was there from the photography and you don’t need to turn to the guest book for that. Things have changed! Check some new designs for our Engagement Guest Books and see why these are so much cooler than you average joe-shmoe guest book. Prepare to be . . . bamboozled (I heard this word the other day and had to use it in a sentence!)