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Katri in Bisbee! Senior Portraits in Bisbee Arizona

So, I guess Bisbee is becoming the next sliced bread, and I must say it is a crazy cool place to take any kind of portraits!  This is my 3rd time down there in about 2 months and I just love that place!  So much character with so many different types of locations.  And to add to the whole “coolness” factor, Katri was a totally awesome Senior to work with.  She had a number of different outfits that were just totally chic!  She also brought her compound bow and rifle . . . but we didn’t get time to have some fun with those unfortunately :(   Maybe next time!

So, for the coolest senior pictures in town, or in the state of Arizona, who you gonna call???  Thanks again Katri, you are totally awesome!

P.S.  Katri is the first Senior Ambassador that I’ve been able to work with for the class of 2009.  If you would like to know more about the Senior Ambassador program that we have, please visit:

Breathtaking . . .

There are many good reasons why Mary & Matt’s wedding was simply breathtaking . . . beautiful wedding location, gorgeous flowers, a great looking couple . . . but it was also extremely hot!  I think it was so hot it was even harder to breath, but that’s no complaint compared to how awesome their photos are!  We started at an early 6:45am at the Mesa Arizona Temple in Phoenix, hoping to avoid the early summer heat.  For the most part it was a beautiful morning, slightly humid but manageable.  They were great sports, lots of fun, and I don’t think the heat even phased them, even though they had much more clothing on than I did!  I was in a shirt / tie, so Matt must have been boiling in his suit!

Since they are a totally awesome and fun couple, they wanted to have some fun after the wedding ceremony, so we went to a local ice cream parlor, Nielsen’s Frozen Custard (the VERY BEST ice cream that you can ever have [NY Times said it was "God's ice cream", that's how good it is!]) and it was just a blast.  I think they even received some gift certificates from the owner, they were very generous.  Check out her shoes!

Thanks again Mary & Matt, you guys totally rocked my day!

If you want to check out their engagement photos, go here.

Reyna – Downtown | relaxed portraits in tucson arizona

This monsoon season sure makes things interesting as far as planning for outdoor portrait sessions.  You never know when it’s going to clear up, and out of nowhere it can start pouring again.  Oh well, atleast I’m not melting anymore :)   Anyway, I had a fun session with Reyna, who is an aspiring photographer and needed some great shots for hew new website.  This was located in downtown Tucson, and it was the perfect time for some great portraits, beautiful weather that wasn’t too hot (but then again I still sweat my head off!)  Thanks for being so awesome Reyna!!

Jennifer & Scott – Salt Lake City Wedding Photography

I have been a little behind on posting these pictures, but I just couldn’t wait any longer!  Jennifer & Scott were married on June 24 in the Salt Lake City temple, and it was just a beautiful day.  We actually took all of their fun pictures the night before so that we were not sweating the day of the wedding in the heat!  Boy was it a good idea because their night pictures were just awesome.  It was especially fun to be with them at this location because that is where I was married, 2.5 years ago!  Time flies . . .

The reception followed the evening of the wedding day and it was just a gorgeous room with lots of character and fun details.  The food was great (especially the pie buffet!)  Now, back to designing more albums . . .

Richie & Dhara | family portraits in Bisbee Arizona

I had another great session in Bisbee, it’s hard to not like that place!  It’s full of life, character and weird/interesting things . . . very easy to photograph.  Anyways, Richie & Dhara were great subjects, very easy to work with and a lot of fun to be with!  I’m very excited for them as they mentioned that they never had very good photos from their wedding, and never had engagment photos . . . so these are their post-wedding “engagement” type photos :)   They are also expecting their first child soon, so congrats again!