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Jennifer & Scott -Utah Wedding Album Design

I’ve been busy working on a couple of new designs, not just for some wedding albums but other new and exciting products and wanted to share with you a new album spread I completed recently.  This is another Asukabook design, 10×10″ book with 40 pages.  I’m excited to get this one done, it’s going to be way awesome!  Stay tuned for some more product photos, including our Senior Portfolios . . . they are hot!

You’ll also notice a little change to the images . . . the old frame (the white border with my logo on it) seemed a little too detached from me, so I thought I’d make it match a little more to my brand.  Would love to hear your comments!

Here is the album cover

Formal, Casual, Guitar, Hard Rock . . . Senior Portraits in Benson Arizona

Usually those 4 words don’t find themselves into the same sentence when describing . . . well, almost anything.  I had a great senior portrait session with Derrick over the weekend.  He goes to Benson High School and we planned a number of different options and locations.  He had requested that we take some formal portraits at his grandparents home (in Tucson), and it was very nice home indeed.  We then proceeded over to the St. Phillips Plaza to get some more relaxed and casual portraits, which was a neat location.  I had been planning/thinking about doing something there for a couple months now, just never worked out I guess.

Then the really cool stuff started to come out when Derrick was a little more relaxed and comfortable with his surroundings, at his own High School.  We traveled to Benson and got some awesome shots with his musical and athletic talents involved.  Too bad we didn’t have a football though :(   Anyway, his guitar shots are some of my favorite of all time!!!  It was a blast and I was just having a ball creating such cool portraits for Derrick.  He’s a talented individual, so tell him his senior portraits ROCK the next time you run into him!

I don’t know why but this one reminds me of Varsity Blues . . . and I’ve never seen the movie, just the cover, lol!

One of my favs, the lighting in the afternoon was just gorgeous!

Here is a quick composite I had fun creating.  Sorta the grunge/punk rock kind of feel to it.

No Power, No Work!

So the power went out last night (around 8pm) while I was trying to enjoy some of the Olympic games.  It’s the first time the power went off for more than an hour.  Luckily the trusty Macbook had some juice left in it and was able to watch the rest of season 2 of The Office, something me and my enjoyed a lot :)

Well, wake up today and guess what . . . no power.  I was surprised because I woke up after dreaming that the power had come on.  Gratefully there was still some hot water left, but no power yet, as of now.

Strangest thing is, that everything else along Sunrise has power.  I live between Campbell and Swan, along Sunrise, and every single location and every single traffic-light has power, except the one closest to mine.  I’m starting to think it’s a conspiracy.  Atleast its not a million degrees inside yet.

Tonie’s Album! Wedding Album for Arizona Wedding at Saguaro Buttes

I just finished the design for Tonie & Jason’s album last week and have been waiting to put them up to display.  I had the wonderful assistance of a talented digital scrapbook and designer, Meagan Turnidge, who helped me speed up my time so I can breathe a little more :)   After a couple of tweaks of “my style” of design it was near perfect.  I absolutely love it and can’t wait to get it back!  This will be another 60 page GraphiStudio album and it is going to be GORGEOUS.  You have to see these in person they are so amazing!

Anyway, their wedding was awesome and it was such an honor to work with them!  Thanks again Tonie & Jason, you guys rock!

Chris in action! High School Senior Portraits in Tucson Arizona at La Paloma

I had a fun shoot yesterday with Chris as we did something a little different than I usually do.  Chris plays on the volleyball team at his school and we arranged to get some cool action shots on the court at the High School.  It was a blast!  Chris was a little unsure I think of how we could make “cool” volleyball shots, but I think we nailed them here.  It was quite nostalgic as well, as it was the same High School I attended too!  I even saw one of my old history teachers, but I don’t think he remembered me :)   Anyway, I approached this like a Nike / Gatorade ad, all those cool action shots you always see in the magazines.

We finished up the fun action pictures and then headed over to La Paloma for some other more formal / casual type portraits.  We barely missed the rain but I think they worked out just well!  Thansk again Chris!

Also to show off some of the cool posters we can create, here’s a little mokup:


I was also fortunate enough to have been able to work with Chris’ family for a awesome family portrait out on the east side a couple weeks ago.  Their family was one of the easiest to work with, they just fell in place, looked great!  They make it look so easy to do!  Thanks again!

New Album Design – Melissa & Jonathan! Arizona Inn Wedding in Tucson Arizona

I know you are all dying for something new as my blog page has been pretty sparse lately.  Well, you’re probably not . . . but I’d like to think so :)   It has been a busy summer with a number of weddings and many portraits in between, and I’m now just getting caught up with everything.  I wanted to share a recent album design from Melissa & Jonathan’s wedding back in April!  This will be a GraphiStudio album (custom albums hand crafted in Italy) and I can’t wait for it!  They are going to be blown away these are so awesome.  But, most of the awesomeness of a great album comes from a great designer (blatent plug here!).

Thanks for looking, and enjoy!