No Power, No Work!

So the power went out last night (around 8pm) while I was trying to enjoy some of the Olympic games.  It’s the first time the power went off for more than an hour.  Luckily the trusty Macbook had some juice left in it and was able to watch the rest of season 2 of The Office, something me and my enjoyed a lot :)

Well, wake up today and guess what . . . no power.  I was surprised because I woke up after dreaming that the power had come on.  Gratefully there was still some hot water left, but no power yet, as of now.

Strangest thing is, that everything else along Sunrise has power.  I live between Campbell and Swan, along Sunrise, and every single location and every single traffic-light has power, except the one closest to mine.  I’m starting to think it’s a conspiracy.  Atleast its not a million degrees inside yet.

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