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Business Portraits

I don’t get a whole lot of requests for professional business portraits in Tucson, usually because it’s often something I overlook on the marketing end.  I don’t consider these “run and gun” type of jobs but approach them with the same care and attention as any other type of portrait.

Many business professionals overlook such an important role a professional portrait can be.  Potential customers can make a more personal connection on many levels if you use your portrait on your website, business cards, marketing materials, etc . . .  It puts a face to a name.  Most professionals understand this concept, BUT, I know lots of people (and I’m sure you do to) that have really bad pictures.  A bad picture is WORSE than no picture.  Know anyone that hasn’t said “cheese” in a while? I promise I’ll never make you say that though.

Just thought I’d show a few recent examples :)

Based on their portraits, how many of these people would you NOT want to meet?  I hope your portrait is doing work for you in ways you never thought, and hopefully not working against it’s goal.

Fine-art Invitations

You don’t get any closer to being fine-art than these.  I have been wanting to create some really high-end super classy invitations for quite some time because they are really in a league of their own.  I have done thank-you cards before for families, but these are on the top of the high-end “invitation-food-chain”.  Printed on a high quality art linen paper, these are a classic 4 panel accordion fold.  Utilizing both sides, couples can elegantly display their beautiful engagement pictures along with their wedding invitations.  Amber & Carraig went the extra mile with an extra custom “Reception Card” to leave details for the reception.  This smaller card is the size of 1 single panel of the invitation, but this allows to have a magnet strip on the back so that the Reception information can be left on a fridge or bulletin board (or something magnetic).

All the invitations come with custom parchment style envelopes as well, enough for double envelopes if you wish as well.  So, if you know someone who wants an elite approach to their custom wedding announcements or invitations, just have them get in touch.  We will definitely hook them up.

Note: Photography and Announcement design done completely by myself :)

Here is the original design below, so you can see both sides:



Christmas in . . . September?

I recently uploaded some images to share of some new Albums I had received back from my album manufacturers so that people can get a feel for what our albums are all about.  Well, it’s been a busy year and I received a wonderfully large package from GraphiStudio (album company based in Italy, yes, Italy) full of all sorts of little goodies!  Chock full of albums and samples.

GraphiStudio provides one of the finest album services in the entire industry and you can tell when you hold one of their albums for the first time.  These 2 albums below had the same amount of pages, but have different album covers.  The first is a RED Aluminum cover with the bride & groom name etched into the metal (this isn’t some cheesy stuff, it’s the real deal here).  The second is a fine Italian-leather with the bride & groom name embossed / branded into the leather for a permanent fix.  Each GraphiStudio album is printed on true photographic-paper, and you’ll notice from the last sample image, that each spread lays entirely flat.  Through this binding process, you lose very little (if any at all) in the gutter of the book, thus being able to utilize one entire picture for a large 12×18″ print.  Very nice.

 You can see the reflection (sort of) on the cover, this is real aluminum.

Each page is mounted on a thick board to help protect each page from bending and warping.

The spine wraps around the entire back of the book.  These are very well made and very rugged (but do take care of them still!)

Here you can see the laser etching.

I loved the ivory leather, very very awesome.  Also, notice the names embossed onto the cover.

This unique leather style cover is a mix of traditional, yet contemporary with the image window here.

Again, the image window shown.

Here is a great example of why these books are AWESOME.  Your beautiful album design does not get lost in the gutter of the book!

Jessica & Josh | Downtown Tucson Engagement Portraits

I had a super-awesome e-session (engagement session for photographer lingo!) downtown yesterday with Jessica & Josh.  I’ve been super excited to finally work with them since we met back in May.  Their wedding is in about 1 month from now which I can’t wait for as well!  Although it was nice weather, I was hoping for a little bit of sunlight, but the clouds loomed ominously overhead the entire time.  One of my biggest dreams is to shoot in some heavy rain . . . but we didn’t get to that yesterday.  They were both so comfortable and relaxed, it made my job look easy!  You guys rocked my day yesterday!

PS: thanks to my friend Travis for getting some behind-the-scenes shots of me working.  Always fun to see myself in a different perspective!

Me in action here (I need a haircut, wow!):

New Product Shots! arizona wedding albums

I received back some sample products, and also the wedding album for Heather & Jay and just had to post some photos.  Heather & Jay received a 60 page Asukabook Deluxe album and it was HOT!  Asukabook has never let me down on their album quality, consistency and all around value.  They are a bit less-expensive than some of my other albums I offer but equally as popular and excellent.  It had one of those special moments as a photographer . . . and as a business owner (kind of a sneak peak in to what really keeps me going!) . . . I was able to deliver the album to Heather & Jay, and also preview it with them for the first time.  It’s the funnest thing in the world to see their reactions and emotions as they look at their album for the first time.  If I was thinking straight that day, I would have brought the camera to remember it . . . but it was fun anyways!!!


Now for some other product shots of my new Senior Portfolios.  Holy COW.  It’s hard to describe how cool these things are, since I’m a very visual person and don’t express myself easily with words . . . but here goes.  These are 6×8″ in size and are hand-made in Italy . . . yes, that’s right, Italy.  They are produced by GraphiStudio, one of the best Album producers in the world right now.  Each page is printed on a fine-art linen, bound with their patented binding method, where each page lays flat (as you can see below, and in contrast above how the Asukabook albums DO NOT lay flat like the GraphiStudio albums).  Each comes with a hard-cover black fabric cover, but the custom-designed dust jacket is included as well.  Oh ya, these are all custom designed by yours truly!  You won’t find these designs with ANYONE else.  This is a 20 page album sample that is just sooooooo cool.  No wonder they have been popular lately!  Give me a call if you’d like to see a custom preview of these bad-boys!

Here are some actual design layouts (not just photos of the book):

Ratliff Sneak Peak! arizona family portraits in tucson

It was a beautiful afternoon yesterday, almost too perfect for some great family portraits at Agua Caliente.  This has been a hot spot lately for recent family portraits (no pun intended, hehe) and yesterday I had never seen it so green, so lush and so perfect.  I had a great time with the Ratliffs creating some new family portraits and they really are an exeptionally good-looking family :)   Thanks again guys, you rocked!

Google Chrome!

OK OK, this is totally not related to anything photography, or anything in my life really.  But, since I have a friend works at Google, and the fact that I have been a long supporter of Google, cloud computing and open-source software, I wanted to write about my new experience with Google Chrome.  Well, not much to write as of now because I have been using it for a whole 10 minutes or so.  But, after checking out this cool link,, and learning about the new Google Browser, I was quite amazed at the new approach.  Mozilla FireFox has always been my preffered browser, and the new FF3 release a couple of months ago was a welcomed upgrade.Since I spend a lot of my time on the computer, and also on the internet (making sure I’m up to date on the latest software, keeping my technique and style on the up-and-up, other stuff) a good web browser is a must.  

FF3 has been great.  But, visit the link above to learn more about the new wave of web browsers.  They said it’s much much faster than FF3, of which my immediate thought was “how do you get much faster than FF3, because it’s FAST.  Especially on my computer”.  Well, I wasn’t dissappointed because Chrome is VERY VERY fast.  It’s like I just got a new computer that is 5x faster than the current one, because web browsing now is VERY fast. 

Anyway . . . this is my little “I just found the coolest thing this week” kind of info tidbit and thought I’d share it around.  Go ahead, try it.  I dare you . . . double dog dare you! (ok maybe not the double dog, thats a big dare)

Download Google Chrome:

NOTE:  In no way am I sponsored by Google, nor do I get any kind of search engine benefit by typing this.  This is purely because I was excited about it :)