Fine-art Invitations

You don’t get any closer to being fine-art than these.  I have been wanting to create some really high-end super classy invitations for quite some time because they are really in a league of their own.  I have done thank-you cards before for families, but these are on the top of the high-end “invitation-food-chain”.  Printed on a high quality art linen paper, these are a classic 4 panel accordion fold.  Utilizing both sides, couples can elegantly display their beautiful engagement pictures along with their wedding invitations.  Amber & Carraig went the extra mile with an extra custom “Reception Card” to leave details for the reception.  This smaller card is the size of 1 single panel of the invitation, but this allows to have a magnet strip on the back so that the Reception information can be left on a fridge or bulletin board (or something magnetic).

All the invitations come with custom parchment style envelopes as well, enough for double envelopes if you wish as well.  So, if you know someone who wants an elite approach to their custom wedding announcements or invitations, just have them get in touch.  We will definitely hook them up.

Note: Photography and Announcement design done completely by myself :)

Here is the original design below, so you can see both sides:



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