Google Chrome!

OK OK, this is totally not related to anything photography, or anything in my life really.  But, since I have a friend works at Google, and the fact that I have been a long supporter of Google, cloud computing and open-source software, I wanted to write about my new experience with Google Chrome.  Well, not much to write as of now because I have been using it for a whole 10 minutes or so.  But, after checking out this cool link,, and learning about the new Google Browser, I was quite amazed at the new approach.  Mozilla FireFox has always been my preffered browser, and the new FF3 release a couple of months ago was a welcomed upgrade.Since I spend a lot of my time on the computer, and also on the internet (making sure I’m up to date on the latest software, keeping my technique and style on the up-and-up, other stuff) a good web browser is a must.  

FF3 has been great.  But, visit the link above to learn more about the new wave of web browsers.  They said it’s much much faster than FF3, of which my immediate thought was “how do you get much faster than FF3, because it’s FAST.  Especially on my computer”.  Well, I wasn’t dissappointed because Chrome is VERY VERY fast.  It’s like I just got a new computer that is 5x faster than the current one, because web browsing now is VERY fast. 

Anyway . . . this is my little “I just found the coolest thing this week” kind of info tidbit and thought I’d share it around.  Go ahead, try it.  I dare you . . . double dog dare you! (ok maybe not the double dog, thats a big dare)

Download Google Chrome:

NOTE:  In no way am I sponsored by Google, nor do I get any kind of search engine benefit by typing this.  This is purely because I was excited about it :)  

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