Nashville Wedding!

It’s hard to sum up the experience I had shooting on Saturday in Nashville, it was a totally different experience than I am used to.  Many of you may know (that have worked with me or have followed my work) that my style is a mix of traditional and photojournalistic.  I don’t like to control parts of the day, but I do like taking the time to get some cool, sexy and creative portraits of the bride & groom.  At the same time I like to let things just work themselves out, let the day unfold without me asking people or groups to “say cheese”!  Shooting with Evan Baines was different because I was not the one with all the pressure on my shoulders, I was just another photographer in the background with a different eye.

I will say that I love working under pressure . . . I like a little fire under my pants to keep me on my toes and to keep me thinking outside the box.  Saturday was a day full of photojournalistic approach with little intervention and guidance.  The couple was super relaxed and just relished in the joy and beauty of the day, so capturing awesome moments was a common occurance for the day.  Getting to see how another excellent photographer works is always awesome, and to that I can thank Evan for the great experience.

Out of the many thousand photographs we captured that day, here’s just a small small small few of my favs :)

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