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I had a first today, they don’t happen very often, but when they do I get excited. This was a first on many levels, but I’ll start with the love story I guess. Amanda & Jason met on a Southwest flight. They chatted and apparently fancied each other in some form and their conversation continued beyond the flight and into the Tucson airport where they stopped at a lounge for additional get-to-know-you opportunities. All that I know is that that friendship and relationship has now come to fruition into upcoming “I Do’s”. I had the great opportunity to photograph Amanda & her family a while back, and what a great family they have. I had heard rumors dating back almost 2 months ago that Amanda & Jason were getting a little serious about their relationship, and only hoped that I would be able to work with the Dillon’s again and photograph Amanda’s big day.

This rumor was supposedly on the down-low, even though they had already set a date, and hired me as the official photographer; all without a ring and a “will you?”   Well it happened today while we were taking their “pre-engagement” photos (pre because they weren’t really engaged until about a good 45 mins into the session). Jason, Scott (Amanda’s brother) and I had coordinated a special surprise for Amanda. It took a little trickery to get it pulled off just right, but it turned out amazing. Jason surprised Amanda with some roses, and got down on one knee to finally present her with a ring and pop the question for reals. Of course you can imagine what the answer was, but it was so amazing to be there for such a special moment.  Everyone clapped :)

Southwest Airlines watched along as it unfolded, and kindly enough one of the gate agents asked if we would like to go take some pictures in the gate area, on the plane and even the Tarmac. Let me put it this way, when someone offers you this kind of security clearance and a personal escort, you say “YES”. It was sure a lot of fun, and big thanks to all the Southwest Airlines personel, TSA, TAA and those that helped with everything. I know they will never forget the moment and how much fun it really was! I just wanted to share one picture . . . because they met on a Southwest Airlines flight, this was something that they connected with on many levels. Thanks again Amanda & Jason!

More pics to come!

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  1. April 14, 2009 at 1:09 am ·

    WOW Spencer! I LOVE this photo. You rock!!!

  2. April 14, 2009 at 10:20 am ·

    That is a very nice photo – what a great story too!

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