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amanda // senior

Had another rockin’ session with Amanda. Fun, spirited, extremely gorgeous and an all around great session. Hard to take a bad photograph of Amanda!


danielle // senior

Another AMAZING senior session with Danielle. Arizona is amazing this time of year. Desert, rocks, scenery and softball, all below. It just happens to be her birthday too!


karli // senior

It’s been a tad busy around here . . . I’ll probably have photographed 17 senior sessions from March to April and plenty more coming. Karli is one of these awesome seniors that can make every photo look awesome. We started at the La Paloma resort and then headed to the urban downtown area for some more portraits. We did some new gritty stuff and even saw the return of one of my favorite lenses. Thanks Karli!!!


jayden // senior

Another really awesome session with senior Jayden.  Her smile is naturally bright, beaming and beautiful; like Miss America or something (that’s what I thought of when she smiled so much).  She’s a natural behind the camera and we had a great time making some really awesome photographs.  Some of my newest favorites of all time below!  Thanks Jayden!


katie // senior

It’s been a constant two weeks of senior portraits, with another 3-4 weeks already full.  I love working with seniors because each one is different, unique and original in their own way.  Katie wanted to try some fun portraits on the UofA campus.  Fun is definitely how I’d desribe them.  We finished off her portrait session with a more urban vibe.  Thanks Katie!


adria + isaac // seniors

Adria + Isaac are brother & sister that are both graduating this coming May (not twins either).  We planned a customized session for both of them and just had a blast.  Although most guys don’t admit it, older brothers love their sisters and their family.  Photographing siblings makes for fun jokes, inside jabs and other comments that only a sibling would appreciate (and bear).  Thanks to this awesome family, it was SOOO much fun!


ISPWP // contest

Just wanted to share two images that recently were placed in the Top 20 for the ISPWP International Winter contest.  First time I ever entered anything to ISPWP and feel honored to be ranked with so many extremely talented photographers from all over the globe. See all the amazing photographs on the ISPWP website.