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hannah // senior

Hannah is an another hardcore softball player- complete with a recent injury. But you would never guess with such awesome pictures! We had a blast in Benson, AZ where we found some totally awesome abandoned train cars. Thank you, Hannah, for such a great session!


michael // senior

Michael is an awesome senior from Benson who loves photography and technology. We explored downtown Tucson and found some awesome new locations! It was another warm summer day as we roamed the streets, but it was worth it. We got great pictures and had a great time!


jordan // senior

Jordan is an awesome senior who has lived in Saudi Arabia most of her life and now goes to school in New Hampshire. She came all the way to Tucson for her portraits! We had a great time and great weather at Tanque Verde Guest Ranch and then headed down town and ended the day with a classic Arizona sunset! Thanks, Jordan!


makayla // senior

Makayla is another hardcore softball player and LOVES to dress up!  We had a great time east of Benson, AZ creating some fun portraits that really capture her personality and style.  Makayla has a bright future ahead with a full-ride scholarship playing softball as a pitcher…she is pretty freaking good at it too.  Best of luck on your final HS season Makayla!


sammi // senior

Sammi is a hardcore softball player that has been playing for practically forever.  She has a few State Championships on her belt and already has a sweet scholarship to play ball out of state!  We headed to Tubac AZ and had a great time in all the lush greenery that the monsoons have created.  Their baseball diamond was totally rad, and at the very end we almost got bit by a 4ft rattlesnake…it definitely woke me up :)  Thanks again Sammi for allowing me to create such awesome portraits for you!


alex // senior

Alex and her family are just AWESOME, no doubt about it.  I had a blast working with Alex, photographing everything that involves her personality and character.  I’m really glad I didn’t get hit by a golf ball, but, I did lose my shoe into a big heap of mud while we were under a Tucson underpass…it was totally worth it though.  THANK YOU Alex for being so awesome!  Enjoy :)