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erin + dean // engaged

Erin + Dean are FUN.  They are madly in love, and they know how to joke around and laugh, a LOT.  Downtown tucson is always a great place, but I’m really really glad we were able to try a new spot on Mt. Lemmon which was just absolutely gorgeous!  Really excited for their wedding this coming spring, can’t wait!  Thanks Erin & Dean!


chantelle // senior

I was super excited for Chantelle’s portraits the minute she came to the studio and told me some of her interests. The graffiti idea was a hit and was executed better than I could have honestly hoped for! We spent the rest of the time down on the 4th avenue area and just had a blast with new and interesting stuff. Thanks for being so awesome!


taylor // senior

I think that Taylor was a bit reserved before we started her senior portraits.  In fact, I think MOST seniors feel this way…that is until I take their portraits :)  Taylor didn’t realize how awesome her portraits would be, and when I showed her one of the first ones on the back of the camera, she was sold :)  She is also a killer volleyball player!  I’m glad we got a chance to capture that and be a bit different with it.  Thanks Taylor!


nicole + brian // wedding

It has been a few months since I’ve done a wedding in Tucson, but, it’s fall and that means its wedding season in Tucson.  It was supposed to be a bright beautiful day, but we did get some rain clouds, and even showers, right when the ceremony was supposed to start.  Nicole & Brian were both calm and collected, nothing was going to phase them!  However, I secretly wanted to shoot in the rain :)  The thought shooting a ceremony in the rain would be uber romantic…but thats me!  I can’t believe how much FUN both of them have together.  It’s very clear that they are in love, AND are the perfect match for each other!


natalie // senior

I had an awesome and fun time with Natalie out in the Benson area.  Many laughs were had with her and her sister, and I’m just in love with these images!  We got rained (hailed) out the first time we were planned for her portraits, but this day was just absolutely perfect!  Thanks again Natalie!


colleen // senior

Colleen is an extremely talented pianist, and I even got to use my own piano for a shoot!  We went to Sonoita to visit her family’s ranch house, and oh my Sonoita is sooooo beautiful!  Mountains, fields, everything was just absolutely gorgeous.  We even got to escape to some cooler weather and had a blast down there.  Thanks Colleen (and mom) for an awesome time!


emily // senior

Emily has an amazing talent for dance.  Not only is she great with jazz, but her ballet skills are just incredible!  I think “pointe” is one of the most amazing things humans can do, and Emily rocks it big time.  We started in a wash, a perfect clash to a beautiful ballet dancer, then went downtown and finished up at her school for some more dance portraits.  I must say, I kind of want to go see a ballet thanks to her!  Thanks again Emily!


jessika // senior

You might be wondering if the volleyball net was really out in the middle of no where.  Yes, of course it was :)  I had an awesome time making some fabulous portraits for Jessika.  Her parents are the nicest ever, they came out on set up a net so we could get some fun, different, yet awesome portraits with her passion: volleyball!  Thanks so much for a great time!