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jordan // senior

I really LOVE getting to work with seniors that incorporate talents and hobbies into their portraits.  Jordan is a fantastic softball player and knows how to intimidate!  We also took some portraits at a new location for me…cool bridges, rocks, streams and trees – all things that are NOT common around here :)  Thanks for trying something new Jordan and TOTALLY rocking it!


sonya + eliezer // tucson wedding

Wow. Thats really all that comes to my mind whenever I think of this wedding. They wouldn’t stop smiling, kissing, loving each other. The day was filled with lots of family, friends, laughter, tears, fun, and a lot of love. This is a real wedding, with real people, and I enjoyed every single second of it. Thank you guys for trusting my vision and allowing me to be part of your day!


liz // senior

One more session from the Benson area, Liz is a terrific soccer player and loves the outdoors.  I tried something a little more bold and intense, and I think I like it.  So did she.  Thanks Liz!


taylor // senior

I think Taylor was a little nervous her portraits wouldn’t be amazing, and boy was she wrong :)  Another great outdoor session near the Sabino Canyon area, finished off with some southwest ranch style portraits.  The light later in the day really gave some great pastel colors, which accented well with her wardrobe!  Thanks Taylor for some being an awesome model!


sharon // senior

Sharon is very natural in front of the camera, I don’t think she took a bad picture once!  Another set of AWESOME portraits, thank you Sharon!


kelsi // senior

I had another great session down in the Benson area with Kelsi!  Such a wonderful day!  Beautiful light, good friends, a perfect combination for great portraits :)  Thank you Kelsi for such a great time!


roby // senior

Roby = awesome.  I had a great session and SUPER excited about a new location I’ve been wanting to try in the downtown area.  I LOVE parking garages…if you didn’t know that yet.  Roby is sweet, kind, confident and beautiful.  Thank you Roby!