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ashley & troy // engaged

I’ve been excited about posting these images for a few weeks now because there is soooo much to like about Ashley & Troy…and about their pics too! Ashley was a bridesmaid in Emma & Danny’s weddingalmost 2 years ago, and apparently has stalked my blog ever since. Pretty flattering to say the least! It gets better :) Troy planned a day for engagement portraits, and Ashley thought her sister was going to be the photographer. I pulled up to the location and was getting my gear ready, Ashley recognized me and said hi, but she had no idea that I was going to be the one photographing for them. She just thought it was a pretty big coincidence that I happened to be in the same place, at the same time, and for the same purpose as they were. I played along for a few minutes before telling her that her sister couldn’t make it and I would be filling in. I’m glad she didn’t mind the swap :) It feels kind of weird being the surprise, but it was certainly fun to be a part of it!


andrew // senior

Andrew is officially my last senior I got to photograph in 2011, and we certainly went out with a bang! Andrew is an incredible golfer…I only know this because everyone at the club we went to knew him by name…AND he has a scholarship to the #1 golf team in the country. Ya, kid is good. Sweet mustang, awesome light = epic photos. I’m also very very fond of the 2nd to last photo, one of my favorite portraits ever! So excited to get it printed big and displayed how I would present it. Thank you Andrew!


brooke + rick // wed

I’ve known Brooke & Rick for a few years now. It all started back when I was part of a big contest to give away an amazing engagement prize to one lucky couple. All over Tucson, by the thousands, people submitted their love story to the local news channel for a chance to win an all expense paid engagement package. It included a lot of amazing goodies, including a very expensive and beautiful Tacori diamond ring. The one rule was, that if you were selected to win, you had to propose to your fiance. That is precisely what Rick did, and I was there to document their proposal. Fast forward 2 years later, Brooke & Rick got married last month and it was one of the most special, loving, emotional and fun weddings I’ve ever experienced. Their love is so apparent, and they were surrounded by many friends and family that shared the same feelings. This is a wedding that I will always remember. Brooke, Rick, THANK YOU.

Workflow Christmas Sale!

Another post for Photographers:

It’s been almost a year since we our Workflow DVD and we’ve heard a ton of great feedback from photographers who are saving hours every time they edit a shoot.  We love hearing that!  Because of the amazing value of the instruction and the goodies from our awesome sponsors (every buyer gets a $100 BRI gift card, Motibodo and ProPhoto discounts and much more), we have never had a sale before…until now.


kristina // senior

Kristina had a lot of great ideas that she wanted to try and it was a total home run!  We used a beautiful stage at the Temple for Music & Art and then headed to the Tubac area for more “woodsy” type portraits.  The light was BEAUTIFUL…wow, just amazing.  Thank you Kristina!

Genesis: Chapter 3

This post is for photographers, but it’s not a bad read either :)

I feel so incredibly lucky, dumbfounded, excited and incompetent to be part of something so incredible. Genesis, a worskhop by photographer, for photographers, is one of the very few workshops I have ever heard of that I feel honest in being able to recommend to photographers. I’ve never really had a chance to recommend it to others because it sells out in a mere few hours…but, it’s put on by some of my very dear and good friends. Sam Hassas, Tony Hoffer & Melanie + Jeff Mansfield.  Having known them for years and understanding their expertise in what they do, this is a workshop that brings substance, value and legitimate educational value to any photographer looking to up their game. The only thing different now is that I’m part of it – teaching, sharing my meager knowledge with hungry photographers. No pressure right?