Genesis: Chapter 3

This post is for photographers, but it’s not a bad read either :)

I feel so incredibly lucky, dumbfounded, excited and incompetent to be part of something so incredible. Genesis, a worskhop by photographer, for photographers, is one of the very few workshops I have ever heard of that I feel honest in being able to recommend to photographers. I’ve never really had a chance to recommend it to others because it sells out in a mere few hours…but, it’s put on by some of my very dear and good friends. Sam Hassas, Tony Hoffer & Melanie + Jeff Mansfield.  Having known them for years and understanding their expertise in what they do, this is a workshop that brings substance, value and legitimate educational value to any photographer looking to up their game. The only thing different now is that I’m part of it – teaching, sharing my meager knowledge with hungry photographers. No pressure right?

I’m super excited about this because it’s really a once in a lifetime opportunity for many reasons. First, I’ve actually been mulling the idea to teach my own workshop – a workshop that focused on the bottom line for photographers…things like lighting, posing, how to price your work, selling your work, becoming better at what you excell at, focusing on what you are best at, and all-around just becoming better as a business person. While I could teach and lecture for 2+ days myself, Genesis is a great fit for me to teach what I know works – and also to be taught by other much more amazing photographers than myself.  I’ll be focusing my teaching efforts on a lot of the topics I just listed.

Second - The accommodations are OUT OF THIS WORLD.  Genesis this year will be ALL INCLUSIVE.  We’ll be staying in a mansion, we’ll have a private chef for a week, late-night parties and serious educational substance. Go ahead, sign up, you won’t regret it.

If you SERIOUSLY want to up your game, become a better photographer, make tons of friends and have a great experience, I can unequivocally state that Genesis is for you. Hands down it WILL be awesome.

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