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nelson family // portraits

I had the wonderful pleasure of working with such an awesome family just a few days before Christmas last year.  I love being able to surprise people with photographs that make them look AWESOME.  I’m pretty sure more than a few individuals didn’t think they were very photogenic, of which I always reply “everyone is photogenic”.  I truly believe it.  It just takes the right photographer (hint hint, subtle self promotion here!).  Suffice to say that everyone loved their photos, and I absolutely loved everything about photographing this family.  Their home is beautiful and provided a great spot for their portraits with easy access to the wonderful Tucson desert landscape.  THANK YOU for such an awesome time!


laura + matt // engaged

I’ve been looking forward to this day for quite a while.  Laura & I first met sitting next to each other in our Sophomore year in High School in a Marine Biology class.  It was a really easy class because the teacher was really spacey, but, it was fun.  We were best of friends throughout the rest of High School, and so I was super excited and happy when I found out Laura was engaged.  Matt, the cool and awesome dude that he is, planned a surprise engagement (I guess most all of them are surprises) with cooperation of the Reid Park Zoo.  Matt had made a cake, including a “Will you marry me?” message inside the polar bear exhibit.  So, as they were casually roaming around the zoo, they came to the polar bears and there it was, Matt’s proposal.  I’m sure sparks flew and all that other happy stuff that goes on during a proposal too.  They ride Harley’s too, which I think is totally rad.  Fun times.  Thanks Laura & Matt!


Color, shape & light // fuji X100 review

First off, I need to thank ALL of you.  My family, friends, clients, fans, antagonists, acquaintances and colleagues.  The 2011 year was simply amazing and I have only to thank but you!  Thank you for sticking with my for over 5 years now as I hack away at this photography gig.  One of my goals this year is to “reactivate” my blog.  2011 was so so busy that my blog didn’t see as much interesting content other than the usual post with weddings, senior and family portraits.  That needs to change, and I’m starting off with a much different post than normal.


lighting & portrait sales // genesis workshop

Another post for the photographers!

As you all know (read here if you don’t!), I’m incredibly excited and humbled to be teaching at the next Genesis Workshop this coming March. If you haven’t read about this amazing workshop, I highly recommend spending a few minutes on the website to get some more info on the incredible location and amenities: