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Another post for the photographers!

As you all know (read here if you don’t!), I’m incredibly excited and humbled to be teaching at the next Genesis Workshop this coming March. If you haven’t read about this amazing workshop, I highly recommend spending a few minutes on the website to get some more info on the incredible location and amenities:

What I’m most excited about is that I get to talk about two things I’m really passionate about: Lighting & Portrait Sales. Lighting is the one thing that can make or break a good portrait. It’s the music of a movie–it can make a really bad movie seem better than it is (Pirates of the Caribbean), or make a potentially great movie seem dull and unexciting. While most photographers understand the basics of operating off-camera lighting, far too many don’t understand the principles of good lighting. Too many photographers rely on one or two basic lighting schemes and use it for just about every photograph. While it helps make your photos consistent, hearing the same music over and over gets boring after a while. My wife started watching a new TV show called “Heart of Dixie”, and after watching 15 minutes of the show, I realized that they use the SAME lighting in almost every scene: heavy backlight to illuminate the hair, rim lights, and short lighting. It was really pretty lighting for about 2 minutes, but then when it was the same inside a dark room, outside, on the porch, walking down the street, it got old REALLY quickly (I think I annoy my wife with any movie/show we watch, I always have to comment on the lighting).

I hope to uncover some of these principles that will allow any photographer to make ANY light work for them. Once you understand the principles of good lighting and WHY it is good, then you will be able to use any tool, any light, any situation, and make your photographs better.

Next, I’ll be teaching (as much as time will allow) how to effectively sell your artwork. I know a lot of photographers who don’t really like shooting portraits simply because they don’t make as much money as they can with a wedding. I think it’s simply because they haven’t found a way to best present their price lists, present the photographs, present your products, and how to effectively help their customers purchase the artwork that they hired you to create. There are also fundamentals to sales, just like lighting, that need to be learned in order to maximize your ability to improve your bottom line. While every photographer is different in their approach to sales, I’m almost positive that EVERYONE will walk away with a better idea on how to raise their sales significantly. No smoke and mirrors here, just legit fundamentals and approaches that have worked VERY well for me.

If you’re interested in attending, check out the Genesis website where you can find out all about what the other instructors are teaching, what you can expect to take away from the workshop, and even read reviews from past students on the Genesis blog. The workshop runs from March 20-22 in Las Vegas (flights are very cheap right now) and is all-inclusive. All your accommodations and food will be provided as part of registration! Hope to see you there…

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  2. Ali
    March 29, 2012 at 7:59 pm ·

    Guys! do a DVD for the last workshop please! I cant fly from Australia to attend ( trust me i so want to!)…

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