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erin + dean // ventana canyon wedding

I’ve been somewhat connected to Erin & Dean for a few years now, back when I photographed Erin’s cousin Katie’s wedding in 2009!  Almost 3 years to the date to be exact!  Such a beautiful wedding ceremony at a church I had never been to before, St. Thomas the Apostle, in the Tucson foothills.  I was worried it was going to be a mega hot day since the forecast was high 90s.  Thankfully we were all pleasantly surprised that it was just bright, and not scorching hot.  These two love birds are very much in love and it was an honor to have worked with their family on such a special day.  Ventana Canyon is a beautiful place and it couldn’t have been a better day for a spring wedding.  Thanks again Erin + Dean!


jj + ashley // seniors

Yep, two sets of twins on the blog in a row, I think that’s a record :)  JJ + Ashley were super awesome and just couldn’t stop having fun one photo after the other!  Tubac was a perfect place for their photos, and also some more just for JJ.  Just love the light in these!  Thanks JJ + Ashley!


danielle + nicole // seniors

While this isn’t the first set of twins I’ve worked with, just the first identical twins.  We had a blast shooting down near Sonoita and it was just an amazingly beautiful day.  We would switch off from shot to shot between Danielle + Nicole, and it seemed to progressively get better as we went along.  I just LOVE their photos!  Thanks Danielle + Nicole!


sierra // senior

It was a rather windy day, but at least it wasn’t scorching hot!  I had a great session with Sierra out in the Vail area, and we finished in downtown Tucson with some areas that had lots of color.  Sierra is definitely a natural, thanks Sierra!


taylor // senior

I think Taylor was a bit camera shy when we started, but that changed very quickly and clearly had fun the rest of the time we shot :)  She has style, has a cool Jeep and knows how to have fun!  Downtown is always a fun and changing backdrop for some great senior portraits.  Enjoy!


hannah // senior

Meet Hannah + Dutchey.  Dutchey is a pretty amazing horse, and we all traveled down to the Sonoita area where he lives  to visit.  We had some of the most beautiful light that day, and Hannah totally just killed it…thanks Hannah!

PS – It is the most beautiful part of Arizona ever, so if you’ve never been south to Sonoita, you are missing out.


tatum // senior

Tatum is very natural in front of the cam…even from the very first minute she was just fun and easy to photograph!  I always enjoy trying new locations as well, and we went to a place in the sabino creek where she would play when she was growing up…it didn’t even look like Tucson! Thanks Tatum!


heather + scott // ritz carlton

I love these guys.  They just fit so well together and are oozing with love and spontaneity, its too cute :)  We had an awesome afternoon at the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain golf club.  It’s a gorgeous place and the weather was simply amazing.  Can’t wait for their wedding this fall at the resort!


lauren // senior

Another fun senior session a few weeks back with Lauren!  She is a talented dancer and really knows how to pull off that ‘vogue’ look well :)  Thanks Lauren!


debbie + aaron // wed

It has been a lot of fun getting to know Debbie & Aaron.  They brought me out to Chicago for their awesome engagement portraits last summer, and it was then that I could really tell that they were really in love with each other.  I anticipated that emotions would run high on the wedding, and they definitely did.  They are both some of the most thoughtful, caring and loving couples I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  It was a beautiful day in Tucson, and Ventana Canyon was an awesome venue to work with.  Thank you Debbie & Aaron for trusting my vision and allowing me to create some awesome portraits of your day!


kyle // senior

Kyle is another sibling of a past senior I photographed.  His sister was one of my very early seniors over 3 years ago!  We went out to a very very remote location in Dragoon, AZ…about 20 minutes away from Benson near the base of some REALLY awesome mountains.  It was a mecca for southwest-style locations, with an incredibly awesome dirt road that takes you there…dirt roads + a subaru = fun :)  Kyle is also an accomplished volleyball player!  The final shot below involved ZERO photoshop :)  Thanks Kyle!


marie // senior

Marie has a seriously cool heritage and I was honored to be able to capture part of that.  We shot on the Pasqua Yaqui tribe in front of some murals that are culturally important to her family.  One of those murals also featured her grandmother, who contributed a great service during WW2!  We had more fun in the Tubac area for some other great portraits as well…thank you Marie!


chloe // senior

Chloe is very natural in front of the camera, it seemed like she couldn’t take a bad photo!  We also did this session in record time and still rocked out some amazing photos!  Thank you Chloe!


mackenzie // senior

I had a pretty fun time with MacKenzie and her awesome bike!  I’m pretty sure she’s had it for a long time now but still looks brand new!  Fun wardrobe + fun personality + fun bike = unique portraits!  Thanks MacKenzie!


ashley + troy // wed

It’s hard to write so little because there is so, so much to say.  Much of it really isn’t mine to say either, so I’ll leave it with this: Ashley + Troy are one incredible couple.  By saying that they have really been through a lot together would be a serious understatement.  The amount of personal sacrifice and hardship that people go through in life hopefully equates to greater appreciation for life’s joys and blessings…and Ashley + Troy are the epitome of happiness, joy, kindness, love and respect…all with great abundance.  It truly was a special honor for me to participate in such an amazing event for both of them.  I knew that they would be an incredible couple to photograph ever since Troy surprised Ashley with an engagement session, and it just so happened to snow that day.  Coincidence?  I think not.


haili // senior

I really had a blast working with Haili…and her personality is gushing in her portraits!  Thank you for an awesome shoot, some of my very favorites!

My weekend with a Canon 5D mk3

Where to begin.  In September of 2008 Canon announced a long awaited update to the  Canon 5D.  The most disappointing thing about the Canon 5D mk2 was that the AF had not changed.  When Nikon was putting pro level AF into their D700, people were a little upset about that and Nikon gained some market share because of it.  I enjoyed shooting with my Canon 5D2’s for a LONG time.  I received both of my 5D2 cameras in November 2008 (if you remember, my first body broke within a few hours of using it…some weird mirror thing that had to be returned).  But, the addition of 14-bit color, better high ISO noise control and a slew of other features made the 5D2 a worthy upgrade.  I’ve shot a few hundred thousand images and can easily say it was a beautiful  camera.  I never let the poor AF be an excuse for me to not get any shots, but, I always wished it was better.


mason // senior

Mason is #2 in the family that I have had the privilege to photograph!  I photographed his brother Mylen last year…man does time fly!  Mason is just a cool and chill dude, makes modeling look easy.  Oh, he has a pretty neat tattoo as well.  Thanks Mason!


amie + steve // engaged

My beautiful sister gets married tomorrow, and I’m so excited for her!  We shot these last week at the wonderful La Paloma resort.  Can you see the resemblance?  Love you Amie!


nelson family // portraits

I had the wonderful pleasure of working with such an awesome family just a few days before Christmas last year.  I love being able to surprise people with photographs that make them look AWESOME.  I’m pretty sure more than a few individuals didn’t think they were very photogenic, of which I always reply “everyone is photogenic”.  I truly believe it.  It just takes the right photographer (hint hint, subtle self promotion here!).  Suffice to say that everyone loved their photos, and I absolutely loved everything about photographing this family.  Their home is beautiful and provided a great spot for their portraits with easy access to the wonderful Tucson desert landscape.  THANK YOU for such an awesome time!


laura + matt // engaged

I’ve been looking forward to this day for quite a while.  Laura & I first met sitting next to each other in our Sophomore year in High School in a Marine Biology class.  It was a really easy class because the teacher was really spacey, but, it was fun.  We were best of friends throughout the rest of High School, and so I was super excited and happy when I found out Laura was engaged.  Matt, the cool and awesome dude that he is, planned a surprise engagement (I guess most all of them are surprises) with cooperation of the Reid Park Zoo.  Matt had made a cake, including a “Will you marry me?” message inside the polar bear exhibit.  So, as they were casually roaming around the zoo, they came to the polar bears and there it was, Matt’s proposal.  I’m sure sparks flew and all that other happy stuff that goes on during a proposal too.  They ride Harley’s too, which I think is totally rad.  Fun times.  Thanks Laura & Matt!


Color, shape & light // fuji X100 review

First off, I need to thank ALL of you.  My family, friends, clients, fans, antagonists, acquaintances and colleagues.  The 2011 year was simply amazing and I have only to thank but you!  Thank you for sticking with my for over 5 years now as I hack away at this photography gig.  One of my goals this year is to “reactivate” my blog.  2011 was so so busy that my blog didn’t see as much interesting content other than the usual post with weddings, senior and family portraits.  That needs to change, and I’m starting off with a much different post than normal.


lighting & portrait sales // genesis workshop

Another post for the photographers!

As you all know (read here if you don’t!), I’m incredibly excited and humbled to be teaching at the next Genesis Workshop this coming March. If you haven’t read about this amazing workshop, I highly recommend spending a few minutes on the website to get some more info on the incredible location and amenities:


ashley & troy // engaged

I’ve been excited about posting these images for a few weeks now because there is soooo much to like about Ashley & Troy…and about their pics too! Ashley was a bridesmaid in Emma & Danny’s weddingalmost 2 years ago, and apparently has stalked my blog ever since. Pretty flattering to say the least! It gets better :) Troy planned a day for engagement portraits, and Ashley thought her sister was going to be the photographer. I pulled up to the location and was getting my gear ready, Ashley recognized me and said hi, but she had no idea that I was going to be the one photographing for them. She just thought it was a pretty big coincidence that I happened to be in the same place, at the same time, and for the same purpose as they were. I played along for a few minutes before telling her that her sister couldn’t make it and I would be filling in. I’m glad she didn’t mind the swap :) It feels kind of weird being the surprise, but it was certainly fun to be a part of it!


andrew // senior

Andrew is officially my last senior I got to photograph in 2011, and we certainly went out with a bang! Andrew is an incredible golfer…I only know this because everyone at the club we went to knew him by name…AND he has a scholarship to the #1 golf team in the country. Ya, kid is good. Sweet mustang, awesome light = epic photos. I’m also very very fond of the 2nd to last photo, one of my favorite portraits ever! So excited to get it printed big and displayed how I would present it. Thank you Andrew!