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Tonie’s Album! Wedding Album for Arizona Wedding at Saguaro Buttes

I just finished the design for Tonie & Jason’s album last week and have been waiting to put them up to display.  I had the wonderful assistance of a talented digital scrapbook and designer, Meagan Turnidge, who helped me speed up my time so I can breathe a little more :)   After a couple of tweaks of “my style” of design it was near perfect.  I absolutely love it and can’t wait to get it back!  This will be another 60 page GraphiStudio album and it is going to be GORGEOUS.  You have to see these in person they are so amazing!

Anyway, their wedding was awesome and it was such an honor to work with them!  Thanks again Tonie & Jason, you guys rock!

Engagement Guest Book – Next Hottest Wedding “must-have”!

So my designs and albums are becoming ever more popular, and I just started offering a new service (well back in January I guess). When was the last time that you flipped through your guest book from your wedding? I know I don’t remember. How much more often would you look at it if it had funny messages, cool insights, your awesome engagement photos??? Usually you can remember who was there from the photography and you don’t need to turn to the guest book for that. Things have changed! Check some new designs for our Engagement Guest Books and see why these are so much cooler than you average joe-shmoe guest book. Prepare to be . . . bamboozled (I heard this word the other day and had to use it in a sentence!)