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Christmas in . . . September?

I recently uploaded some images to share of some new Albums I had received back from my album manufacturers so that people can get a feel for what our albums are all about.  Well, it’s been a busy year and I received a wonderfully large package from GraphiStudio (album company based in Italy, yes, Italy) full of all sorts of little goodies!  Chock full of albums and samples.

GraphiStudio provides one of the finest album services in the entire industry and you can tell when you hold one of their albums for the first time.  These 2 albums below had the same amount of pages, but have different album covers.  The first is a RED Aluminum cover with the bride & groom name etched into the metal (this isn’t some cheesy stuff, it’s the real deal here).  The second is a fine Italian-leather with the bride & groom name embossed / branded into the leather for a permanent fix.  Each GraphiStudio album is printed on true photographic-paper, and you’ll notice from the last sample image, that each spread lays entirely flat.  Through this binding process, you lose very little (if any at all) in the gutter of the book, thus being able to utilize one entire picture for a large 12×18″ print.  Very nice.

 You can see the reflection (sort of) on the cover, this is real aluminum.

Each page is mounted on a thick board to help protect each page from bending and warping.

The spine wraps around the entire back of the book.  These are very well made and very rugged (but do take care of them still!)

Here you can see the laser etching.

I loved the ivory leather, very very awesome.  Also, notice the names embossed onto the cover.

This unique leather style cover is a mix of traditional, yet contemporary with the image window here.

Again, the image window shown.

Here is a great example of why these books are AWESOME.  Your beautiful album design does not get lost in the gutter of the book!

New Album Design – Melissa & Jonathan! Arizona Inn Wedding in Tucson Arizona

I know you are all dying for something new as my blog page has been pretty sparse lately.  Well, you’re probably not . . . but I’d like to think so :)   It has been a busy summer with a number of weddings and many portraits in between, and I’m now just getting caught up with everything.  I wanted to share a recent album design from Melissa & Jonathan’s wedding back in April!  This will be a GraphiStudio album (custom albums hand crafted in Italy) and I can’t wait for it!  They are going to be blown away these are so awesome.  But, most of the awesomeness of a great album comes from a great designer (blatent plug here!).

Thanks for looking, and enjoy!