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libby // senior

Libby is officially my last 2012 senior of the season!  Even though graduation has passed, it’s better late than never to get some awesome senior portraits that will never go out of style.  Libby brought a lot of personality to her images, and her wardrobe was so fun to work with!  Love all the colors!


haili // senior

I really had a blast working with Haili…and her personality is gushing in her portraits!  Thank you for an awesome shoot, some of my very favorites!


jayden // senior

Another really awesome session with senior Jayden.  Her smile is naturally bright, beaming and beautiful; like Miss America or something (that’s what I thought of when she smiled so much).  She’s a natural behind the camera and we had a great time making some really awesome photographs.  Some of my newest favorites of all time below!  Thanks Jayden!


adria + isaac // seniors

Adria + Isaac are brother & sister that are both graduating this coming May (not twins either).  We planned a customized session for both of them and just had a blast.  Although most guys don’t admit it, older brothers love their sisters and their family.  Photographing siblings makes for fun jokes, inside jabs and other comments that only a sibling would appreciate (and bear).  Thanks to this awesome family, it was SOOO much fun!

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abbi // senior

One thing that I LOVE about Arizona, is that we can shoot almost any day of the year, regardless if it is officially “winter” here.  I had a total blast working with Abbi.  She’s fun to hang out with, easy to talk to, enjoys horses and dance, and has a smile like none other.  I also think she kind of looks like Jennifer Aniston, but maybe that’s just me.  LOTS of photos below, thanks Abbi!


nikki // senior

I’ve been dying to blog some of Nikki’s senior portraits, and you’ll understand why.  We had been rained out on our first meeting and had to postpone the 2nd part of her session till a later date.  Nikki is fun, funny, a good friend, a great model, and relatives of some of my previous clients.  In my book, that makes her totally awesome :)  Nikki works at a sweet local coffee shop and was the location for the first portion of her session.  We then headed downtown and tried out some totally new locations, and totally new ideas for me.  I had jotted down some sweet concepts in my head and I think we totally nailed all of them.  She could totally be a model.  Thanks Nikki!