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maria // senior

Maria totally rocked the camera, even though she probably thinks she’s camera shy. Sometimes it just takes a few minutes to warm up and then people open up and just totally surprise me. Thanks Maria!


danielle + nicole // seniors

While this isn’t the first set of twins I’ve worked with, just the first identical twins.  We had a blast shooting down near Sonoita and it was just an amazingly beautiful day.  We would switch off from shot to shot between Danielle + Nicole, and it seemed to progressively get better as we went along.  I just LOVE their photos!  Thanks Danielle + Nicole!


debbie + aaron // chicago

Last week I had the awesome privilege to travel to Chicago and hang out with Debbie & Aaron.  They showed me around, we ate some awesome food, and we got some awesome photos in the mean time.  I hadn’t been to Chicago since 1994 so it was wonderful to finally go back and see what an amazing place it is!  Debbie & Aaron are getting married next March in Tucson and I really cannot wait for their wedding!!!  Thanks again Debbie & Aaron!