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taylor // senior

I think Taylor was a bit camera shy when we started, but that changed very quickly and clearly had fun the rest of the time we shot :)  She has style, has a cool Jeep and knows how to have fun!  Downtown is always a fun and changing backdrop for some great senior portraits.  Enjoy!


andrew // senior

Andrew is officially my last senior I got to photograph in 2011, and we certainly went out with a bang! Andrew is an incredible golfer…I only know this because everyone at the club we went to knew him by name…AND he has a scholarship to the #1 golf team in the country. Ya, kid is good. Sweet mustang, awesome light = epic photos. I’m also very very fond of the 2nd to last photo, one of my favorite portraits ever! So excited to get it printed big and displayed how I would present it. Thank you Andrew!


gustavo // senior

It’s been a great summer, mainly because I have spent quite a bit of time outside of the scorching Tucson heat. Thankfully, I have awesome portraits to still blog! Gustavo brought his style and his wicked sweet car (jealous) for his portraits. LOVED the light during the whole day, it was killer. Enjoy!


lindsey // senior

Had another fun session with Lindsey at the TV Ranch and then some more in the downtown Tucson area.  She’s definitely one of the few senior girls that I have photographed that has a wicked cool car; I’m officially jealous as I always wanted a Camaro when I was in High School.  Fun, cute and colorful, this is Lindsey.