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danielle + nicole // seniors

While this isn’t the first set of twins I’ve worked with, just the first identical twins.  We had a blast shooting down near Sonoita and it was just an amazingly beautiful day.  We would switch off from shot to shot between Danielle + Nicole, and it seemed to progressively get better as we went along.  I just LOVE their photos!  Thanks Danielle + Nicole!


sierra // senior

It was a rather windy day, but at least it wasn’t scorching hot!  I had a great session with Sierra out in the Vail area, and we finished in downtown Tucson with some areas that had lots of color.  Sierra is definitely a natural, thanks Sierra!


jordan // senior

I really LOVE getting to work with seniors that incorporate talents and hobbies into their portraits.  Jordan is a fantastic softball player and knows how to intimidate!  We also took some portraits at a new location for me…cool bridges, rocks, streams and trees – all things that are NOT common around here :)  Thanks for trying something new Jordan and TOTALLY rocking it!


dea // senior

When Dea met with me about her senior portraits, she said she was very critical of photographers of herself.  No sweat!  If you have fun (which ALWAYS happens during my sessions), then your photographs will be awesome.  She told me she loved the nature atmosphere, and wanted to do some near water.  What she didn’t tell me was she wanted to be IN the water . . . that means I had to be IN the water too.  It was SO worth it too!  Casual, nature, water and cowboy hats; this is Dea.