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cierra + adam // el conquistador wedding

I had been anticipating this wedding ever since I met with Cierra & Adam.  I knew they were going to have an awesome wedding from the beginning, but after getting to know them it was even more apparent how much fun it would be.  Once I shot their engagement session, it only fueled the fire!


natalie // senior

I love it when seniors bring their friends (or boy/girlfriend) along, always makes it more interesting behind the scenes, and Natalie & Sean are a pretty darling couple. It’s almost as if they make a great “hollywood” couple together :) Thanks for an awesome time!


heather + scott // ritz carlton wedding

It feels surreal typing this, but this is my last wedding of 2012 and it definitely went out with a bang! Heather + Scott had an absolutely gorgeous wedding at the most beautiful venue in all of Arizona. It was a family centric event with lots of emotion, surprises, laughter and fun. Thank you for allowing me to capture such a special event in your lives!


kyle // senior

Kyle is another sibling of a past senior I photographed.  His sister was one of my very early seniors over 3 years ago!  We went out to a very very remote location in Dragoon, AZ…about 20 minutes away from Benson near the base of some REALLY awesome mountains.  It was a mecca for southwest-style locations, with an incredibly awesome dirt road that takes you there…dirt roads + a subaru = fun :)  Kyle is also an accomplished volleyball player!  The final shot below involved ZERO photoshop :)  Thanks Kyle!


nelson family // portraits

I had the wonderful pleasure of working with such an awesome family just a few days before Christmas last year.  I love being able to surprise people with photographs that make them look AWESOME.  I’m pretty sure more than a few individuals didn’t think they were very photogenic, of which I always reply “everyone is photogenic”.  I truly believe it.  It just takes the right photographer (hint hint, subtle self promotion here!).  Suffice to say that everyone loved their photos, and I absolutely loved everything about photographing this family.  Their home is beautiful and provided a great spot for their portraits with easy access to the wonderful Tucson desert landscape.  THANK YOU for such an awesome time!


taylor // senior

I think Taylor was a little nervous her portraits wouldn’t be amazing, and boy was she wrong :)  Another great outdoor session near the Sabino Canyon area, finished off with some southwest ranch style portraits.  The light later in the day really gave some great pastel colors, which accented well with her wardrobe!  Thanks Taylor for some being an awesome model!


roby // senior

Roby = awesome.  I had a great session and SUPER excited about a new location I’ve been wanting to try in the downtown area.  I LOVE parking garages…if you didn’t know that yet.  Roby is sweet, kind, confident and beautiful.  Thank you Roby!


jessika // senior

You might be wondering if the volleyball net was really out in the middle of no where.  Yes, of course it was :)  I had an awesome time making some fabulous portraits for Jessika.  Her parents are the nicest ever, they came out on set up a net so we could get some fun, different, yet awesome portraits with her passion: volleyball!  Thanks so much for a great time!


jordan // senior

Jordan is an awesome senior who has lived in Saudi Arabia most of her life and now goes to school in New Hampshire. She came all the way to Tucson for her portraits! We had a great time and great weather at Tanque Verde Guest Ranch and then headed down town and ended the day with a classic Arizona sunset! Thanks, Jordan!


kelley + matt // tanque verde guest ranch

So it has officially felt like forever since my last blog post.  May has been a whirlwind of a month and I’m not even close to getting a break yet!  I had a ton more senior portraits, 2 weddings, family portraits in Texas and then a wedding in Seattle.  I’m ready for a break, but can’t wait to share all of these amazing portraits.


niki // senior

Niki traveled all the way from Colorado to have her senior pictures done by me. I guess I’m doing something right! We shot in the beautiful Arizona desert, it never gets old I promise :) New, original, natural beauty, this is Niki.


jenna // senior

Another AMAZING senior session with Jenna. Everything about this session simply rocked. I was able to try out two brand new locations, both of which will remain a secret . . . mainly because one of them is a private ranch that we had special permission to use. Let me say it was just AMAZING. The light, locations, senior (and her assistant) were just fab. Thanks Jenna!

Why the 4 week pause? It was worth it . . .

OK, since I haven’t blogged in about 4 weeks, many have asked me if I have contracted some infectious disease, fallen off the earth or just lost hope.  LUCKILY, none of the latter.  I’ve been preparing for and working on a project that was conceived around that same time . . . and it was such an adventure!  One of my absolute favorite couples I have worked with (and have become really great friends along the way) are Amber & Carraig.  I shot their engagement pictures back in May in the U.S. Virgin Islands on St. Croix.  WOW!  If you didn’t see their pics, do a quick search for them it’s worth it.

Anyway, Carraig’s birthday is today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and Amber wanted to surprise him with something unique, very special and from the heart.  Supposively Carraig is the world’s best at surprises, so she had to do something cool.  Luckily I came to the rescue with a super cool idea for a photo shoot of just Amber, and one of Carraig’s favorite things, snakes.  Yes, Amber and a large 6ft Columbian Boa.  So, unbeknownsted to Carraig, we made plans for her to fly out from Texas, arrive a day before his birthday, do an awesome photo shoot with the snake, get it printed and framed in time for a grande surprise the following day.  Whew, I had a blast and it was absolutely one of the funnest shoots I’ve ever been on.  I’m glad it’s over now because it consumed a lot of my anxiety, I couldn’t wait for it to come :)   Thanks again Amber!!!

So, in case you jumped straight to here, this is what happens when you have awesome clients that let you take complete creative control to create something electrifying:

tucson portrait photography model snake

tucson portrait photography model snake

tucson portrait photography model snake

tucson portrait photography model snake

tucson portrait photography model snake

tucson portrait photography model snake

tucson portrait photography model snake

Tonie’s Album! Wedding Album for Arizona Wedding at Saguaro Buttes

I just finished the design for Tonie & Jason’s album last week and have been waiting to put them up to display.  I had the wonderful assistance of a talented digital scrapbook and designer, Meagan Turnidge, who helped me speed up my time so I can breathe a little more :)   After a couple of tweaks of “my style” of design it was near perfect.  I absolutely love it and can’t wait to get it back!  This will be another 60 page GraphiStudio album and it is going to be GORGEOUS.  You have to see these in person they are so amazing!

Anyway, their wedding was awesome and it was such an honor to work with them!  Thanks again Tonie & Jason, you guys rock!

Desert blossoms | Tucson Arizona landscape

It’s been a couple days since my last post, but I have a day to breath before the month starts to become really really busy. I had a wonderful wedding this past weekend out at Reflection at the Buttes, I’m traveling to Virginia tomorrow for some engagement photos, then a couple of more engagement sessions in Tucson in the next 2 weeks, and to top it off, a small little trip to the Virgin Islands (St. Croix) for more engagement photos. So those of you that are anxiously waiting for Tonie & Jason’s wedding photos, it might not be this week :) Usually they take about 2 weeks to be up online ready, fully prepped and awesom-ized. Yes, that’s right, they are awesome!

I did want to share a quick photo my grandpa wanted me to take, something that I have never really noticed before. People view the dessert as a dry, ugly and barren place. Yes, at times it can be pretty ugly (and unbearably hot), but during the spring and monsoon season, it becomes quite a haven. Here is the view from my front porch. The yellow trees are the Palo Verde’s in full bloom. You’ll see a bunch of “yellow dust” along the roads and sidewalks for a couple of weeks as they go everywhere! Tucson is very beautiful right now, you just need to stop and take in the view!