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taylor // senior

It’s been almost 8 years since I started shooting senior portraits, and every year it just keeps getting better and better. Not only is my photography improving every year, but seniors also bring more and more ideas and inspiration. I really do feed off my clients personality and ideas, and it makes the session that much better.


luke // senior

Luke came to me with a completely open mind and told me to do what I do.  He knew whatever I’d capture would be awesome and wanted my true style.  Thanks Luke, I had a blast!


elizabeth // senior

Elizabeth is another class of 2013 Salpointe grad that wanted some vibrant colors, with a mix of urban and nature.  She definitely nailed it on that one!  Thanks Elizabeth!


taylor // senior

Taylor is an aspiring model, and really has a natural talent to it! She wanted both nature and urban, and Tubac and Tucson can provide that all in one day. Thanks Taylor!


kristyn // senior

Kristyn is another sibling I’m blessed to have worked with.  Both her and her sister are absolute naturals and couldn’t have a better time with them.  Thanks for trusting in me again!


savanna + sedona // senior twins

I always enjoy working with siblings, especially twins, and savanna + sedona were no exception.  I think they were a little apprehensive about being behind the lens, but that melted away pretty quickly and they fell right into being awesome models.  We had a ton of fun exploring some completely new areas of Tucson, thank you Savanna + Sedona!


austen // tucson senior

Austen and her sister hung out under a bridge with me and this is the result.  These two could seriously be models!  We then went around the University of Arizona to finish up, thanks guys!


mikayla // senior

A few years ago I photographed Mikayla’s sister’s wedding in Phoenix with my good friend Sam Hassas.  When Mikayla called about creating her senior portraits, I was flattered that she had remembered me after so many years!  She had some great ideas on some pretty cool locations, and I had a blast spending the afternoon in Phoenix, and in Scottsdale at the Arizona Biltmore hotel.  New locations are always one of my favorite things for any session, thanks Mikayla!


gus // senior

Gus is a pretty cool dude and incredibly talented guitarist.  He just won an international award for Classical Guitar and will be featured on NPR this coming February.  He’s got some mad skills!  These portraits were a bit dual purpose…senior portraits and future album artwork.  Remember me when you’re famous Gus!


tyler // senior

Tyler is my last senior portrait for 2012 and I can’t believe the year is already winding down. I’ve had a great 2012 year and Tyler’s portraits are honestly some of my absolute favorites. We started with some casual baseball portraits, and then explored the downtown area and tried out some new things. This kid could be on the cover of a few magazines. Thanks Tyler!


kimberly + phil // wed

Kimberly + Phil are two awesome people that are REALLY in love.  They feel like long lost friends.  I had the pleasure of shooting their engagements in Nashville earlier this summer and they are seriously so much fun to just be around.  I think their family agrees and everyone at this wedding knew how to party.  Gonna miss these guys!


libby // senior

Libby is officially my last 2012 senior of the season!  Even though graduation has passed, it’s better late than never to get some awesome senior portraits that will never go out of style.  Libby brought a lot of personality to her images, and her wardrobe was so fun to work with!  Love all the colors!


sierra // senior

It was a rather windy day, but at least it wasn’t scorching hot!  I had a great session with Sierra out in the Vail area, and we finished in downtown Tucson with some areas that had lots of color.  Sierra is definitely a natural, thanks Sierra!


lauren // senior

Another fun senior session a few weeks back with Lauren!  She is a talented dancer and really knows how to pull off that ‘vogue’ look well :)  Thanks Lauren!


chloe // senior

Chloe is very natural in front of the camera, it seemed like she couldn’t take a bad photo!  We also did this session in record time and still rocked out some amazing photos!  Thank you Chloe!


mackenzie // senior

I had a pretty fun time with MacKenzie and her awesome bike!  I’m pretty sure she’s had it for a long time now but still looks brand new!  Fun wardrobe + fun personality + fun bike = unique portraits!  Thanks MacKenzie!


mason // senior

Mason is #2 in the family that I have had the privilege to photograph!  I photographed his brother Mylen last year…man does time fly!  Mason is just a cool and chill dude, makes modeling look easy.  Oh, he has a pretty neat tattoo as well.  Thanks Mason!


ashley & troy // engaged

I’ve been excited about posting these images for a few weeks now because there is soooo much to like about Ashley & Troy…and about their pics too! Ashley was a bridesmaid in Emma & Danny’s weddingalmost 2 years ago, and apparently has stalked my blog ever since. Pretty flattering to say the least! It gets better :) Troy planned a day for engagement portraits, and Ashley thought her sister was going to be the photographer. I pulled up to the location and was getting my gear ready, Ashley recognized me and said hi, but she had no idea that I was going to be the one photographing for them. She just thought it was a pretty big coincidence that I happened to be in the same place, at the same time, and for the same purpose as they were. I played along for a few minutes before telling her that her sister couldn’t make it and I would be filling in. I’m glad she didn’t mind the swap :) It feels kind of weird being the surprise, but it was certainly fun to be a part of it!


brooke + rick // wed

I’ve known Brooke & Rick for a few years now. It all started back when I was part of a big contest to give away an amazing engagement prize to one lucky couple. All over Tucson, by the thousands, people submitted their love story to the local news channel for a chance to win an all expense paid engagement package. It included a lot of amazing goodies, including a very expensive and beautiful Tacori diamond ring. The one rule was, that if you were selected to win, you had to propose to your fiance. That is precisely what Rick did, and I was there to document their proposal. Fast forward 2 years later, Brooke & Rick got married last month and it was one of the most special, loving, emotional and fun weddings I’ve ever experienced. Their love is so apparent, and they were surrounded by many friends and family that shared the same feelings. This is a wedding that I will always remember. Brooke, Rick, THANK YOU.


sonya + eliezer // tucson wedding

Wow. Thats really all that comes to my mind whenever I think of this wedding. They wouldn’t stop smiling, kissing, loving each other. The day was filled with lots of family, friends, laughter, tears, fun, and a lot of love. This is a real wedding, with real people, and I enjoyed every single second of it. Thank you guys for trusting my vision and allowing me to be part of your day!


roby // senior

Roby = awesome.  I had a great session and SUPER excited about a new location I’ve been wanting to try in the downtown area.  I LOVE parking garages…if you didn’t know that yet.  Roby is sweet, kind, confident and beautiful.  Thank you Roby!


erin + dean // engaged

Erin + Dean are FUN.  They are madly in love, and they know how to joke around and laugh, a LOT.  Downtown tucson is always a great place, but I’m really really glad we were able to try a new spot on Mt. Lemmon which was just absolutely gorgeous!  Really excited for their wedding this coming spring, can’t wait!  Thanks Erin & Dean!


chantelle // senior

I was super excited for Chantelle’s portraits the minute she came to the studio and told me some of her interests. The graffiti idea was a hit and was executed better than I could have honestly hoped for! We spent the rest of the time down on the 4th avenue area and just had a blast with new and interesting stuff. Thanks for being so awesome!


nicole + brian // wedding

It has been a few months since I’ve done a wedding in Tucson, but, it’s fall and that means its wedding season in Tucson.  It was supposed to be a bright beautiful day, but we did get some rain clouds, and even showers, right when the ceremony was supposed to start.  Nicole & Brian were both calm and collected, nothing was going to phase them!  However, I secretly wanted to shoot in the rain :)  The thought shooting a ceremony in the rain would be uber romantic…but thats me!  I can’t believe how much FUN both of them have together.  It’s very clear that they are in love, AND are the perfect match for each other!


emily // senior

Emily has an amazing talent for dance.  Not only is she great with jazz, but her ballet skills are just incredible!  I think “pointe” is one of the most amazing things humans can do, and Emily rocks it big time.  We started in a wash, a perfect clash to a beautiful ballet dancer, then went downtown and finished up at her school for some more dance portraits.  I must say, I kind of want to go see a ballet thanks to her!  Thanks again Emily!