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All you photographer droolers, this one’s for you

So my lovely 5D mk2 just arrived this morning from Pictureline (in SLC).  Lovely camera.  Battery is currently charging, but I have a full weekend of shooting ahead of me, perfect timing for it’s arrival :)   Got A couple family portraits, 1 wedding, engagement session and possibly a model shoot.  I might venture into some quickie HD video recordings if time permits.

Expect a lot of REAL (yes, client assignments) pictures in the next few days with a good review as well.  I might even have some video posted as well, we’ll see . . . Make sure you sign up for our RRS updates to be informed!

Sneak peak . . .

Its coming . . . [UPDATE] It’s here!

. . . on Friday!!!  Man, I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been waiting for my camera to ship.  Pictureline in SLC has long been a favorite retailer for me, since I visit SLC a lot, and luckily, they had a couple not claimed for.  I had to order the kit to get it, but, at least it will be here on Friday.  I’m going to cross my fingers for UPS that they will deliver it, since I’ve had a number of unpleasant experiences with them in the not so distant past :(   Overnight usually does a good job :)

For all you non-techie photographer people, simply put, the Canon 5D mk2 produces the very best image quality and resolution of ANY digital SLR camera every produced.  Period.  Oh ya, it shoots full 1080P video too, lol.  I don’t get anything but the best!

Happy TURKEY DAY everyone!  May we all be a little more grateful for everything that we have been given to us!