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emily // senior

I’ve known I was going to shoot Emily’s senior photos for about 4 years now when I first photographed her family.  I photographed her sister’s senior photos over 2 years ago, and I know Emily was patiently waiting her turn.  We made plans to travel down to her parents farm south of Benson, AZ.  This part of AZ is one of the most beautiful areas I’ve ever seen.  Large open fields with great scenery, and the weather is to die for.  Thank you Emily!


natalie // senior

I love it when seniors bring their friends (or boy/girlfriend) along, always makes it more interesting behind the scenes, and Natalie & Sean are a pretty darling couple. It’s almost as if they make a great “hollywood” couple together :) Thanks for an awesome time!


kelsi // senior

I had another great session down in the Benson area with Kelsi!  Such a wonderful day!  Beautiful light, good friends, a perfect combination for great portraits :)  Thank you Kelsi for such a great time!


lindsay // senior

Well it’s hard to believe that it has taken me this long to blog.  There are a LOT of really exciting things in the pipeline that I cannot wait to blog.  You’re gonna love it, so if you can be a tad more patient it’l be worth it :)

I had an AWESOME session with Lindsay (and her good friend Amanda) down in the Tubac area.  Lindsay knew exactly what she wanted and we went out and captured exactly that: fun.  They have known each other for a LONG time so she knew they had to have pictures together, having fun.  So, swinging at the park, hanging upside-down from trees, rolling in the leaves, leaf fights and a whole lot more was definitely a recipe for success.  Thanks to both of you for such a great time!


kirsten // senior

I’m getting a little behind on blogging, so, needed to get a few more blog posts up this week with a number of upcoming projects right behind!  Kirsten has such a natural beauty, and it’s very obvious (from her parents) where she gets it from.  She has such a natural and easy smile, it’s contagious.