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My Family

It sure has been quite a while since my family worked out a time for our own family portrait . . . the last time being just before Karen and I got married . . . 3 years ago.  Time flies, still can’t believe that it has been that long, but, definitely still overdue for a nice family portrait.  I happened to remember a super-secret location only known to very few people (well, maybe not, but I like to think I know something special).  Near the wonderful Sabino Canyon there was this dry riverbed (more likely a stream even when water is in it!) that just looked beautiful.  There was even some colorful leaves still on some of the small trees, so we got lucky.

The lighting was beautiful and sensational . . . and with al little help from some Pocket Wizard radio triggers, taking the photograph was the easy part.  Luckily everyone was good sports and we wrapped it up pretty quickly :)

tucson family portrait