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cierra + adam // el conquistador wedding

I had been anticipating this wedding ever since I met with Cierra & Adam.  I knew they were going to have an awesome wedding from the beginning, but after getting to know them it was even more apparent how much fun it would be.  Once I shot their engagement session, it only fueled the fire!

Crystal & Todd | Feb 21 | Arizona Wedding Photographer in Tucson

As some of you blog stalkers might have noticed, I’m a little behind on the blog and galleries lately . . . not because I still don’t like you guys or think that your images are no long amazing, it’s just been busy. I’m grateful I can say that these days as I know many that are not! But, I had a super awesome wedding almost 2 weeks ago on probably the very best day of the year . . . Feb 21st. It was my birthday and no better way to spend it than working a 16hr day! Heck ya! (can you tell that I love my job yet?)

Anyway, I had a great time working with Crystal & Todd, it was just a lot of fun the entire time. You’ll also be able to check out their BOOTH shots near the bottom of the post (you don’t want to miss one of them, but I’m warning you now, its graphic). Crystal started the day getting ready at her parents home in the 49rs country club (such a beautiful home), their ceremony was down the street at the Kingdom Hall, and then we cruised down south to Cienega HS for their reception (very cool place for a reception I’ll tell you that!). It was a gorgeous day with awesome light, couldn’t have asked for anything better! Enjoy, I know you all have been waiting :)

This one has to be one of the BEST alltime funny kid photos!!  Classic!

Amazing light, holy wow!

This was our 2nd debut for our BOOTH . . . and it was just as crazy (if not crazier) than our original BOOTH setup!

DJ Warren B got in on some of the action here, helping save Todd from a bad headache I guess :P

OK, this one needs a CAUTION!!!  Not that their bellies are big and harry, but it’s the image directly after this one!!!  Warning, it’s a graphic image of these 2 fellows who appear to be vomiting their drinks into the trash.  You’ve been warned! It’s NOT for the faint at heart (or stomach) . . .