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Katri in Bisbee! Senior Portraits in Bisbee Arizona

So, I guess Bisbee is becoming the next sliced bread, and I must say it is a crazy cool place to take any kind of portraits!  This is my 3rd time down there in about 2 months and I just love that place!  So much character with so many different types of locations.  And to add to the whole “coolness” factor, Katri was a totally awesome Senior to work with.  She had a number of different outfits that were just totally chic!  She also brought her compound bow and rifle . . . but we didn’t get time to have some fun with those unfortunately :(   Maybe next time!

So, for the coolest senior pictures in town, or in the state of Arizona, who you gonna call???  Thanks again Katri, you are totally awesome!

P.S.  Katri is the first Senior Ambassador that I’ve been able to work with for the class of 2009.  If you would like to know more about the Senior Ambassador program that we have, please visit: