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My weekend with a Canon 5D mk3

Where to begin.  In September of 2008 Canon announced a long awaited update to the  Canon 5D.  The most disappointing thing about the Canon 5D mk2 was that the AF had not changed.  When Nikon was putting pro level AF into their D700, people were a little upset about that and Nikon gained some market share because of it.  I enjoyed shooting with my Canon 5D2’s for a LONG time.  I received both of my 5D2 cameras in November 2008 (if you remember, my first body broke within a few hours of using it…some weird mirror thing that had to be returned).  But, the addition of 14-bit color, better high ISO noise control and a slew of other features made the 5D2 a worthy upgrade.  I’ve shot a few hundred thousand images and can easily say it was a beautiful  camera.  I never let the poor AF be an excuse for me to not get any shots, but, I always wished it was better.