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Get some Presetopia lovin’ today!

Quick trivia question: How many months have 28 days? Answer is in the comments :)

February is my favorite month for a number of reasons: my birthday is in february, it has the most holidays, 2 of the nation’s greatest presidents were born in this month, it is the shortest and it add’s one day in the month every 4 years. Thus, I believe it is special :) So, I’m running a super Presetopia sale today, $10 off if you use this code:  february7th

The sale only lasts today so hurry while it lasts! I also thought I’d post a few recent examples of what Presetopia can offer all you professional photographers. I get a lot of people emailing me and asking, “is it really that easy”? Yes people, it is. Just a couple of clicks and no waiting and you are on your way to some awesome processing in no time!

If you want, don’t hesitate to share the coupon with friends or the forums, it’s open to everyone!

Here we can add: “warm/purple lite, backlit curve +1, sharpen 1

First we warm this one up a bit with the white balance, then add: “warm/blue lite, curve +1, sharpen +1, red robin

This is one of our awesome combos!  Just add: Warm Punch!

Yes people, this is NO PHOTOSHOP.  Just lightroom baby!  Add: “Warm/Purple Lite, Backlit +3, Portrait Punch, Sharpen +1

Well, I guess it’s official.  My past week has been extremely busy wrangling a nice website together, prepping documents and information for my first release of Lightroom Presets.  Presets are like actions for Photoshop, just better.  For all you photographers, take a gander at the new site and see what it’s all about.  They have been a hit so far and its been 2 days.  We’ll be adding more products in the next coming months, like actions that mimic my current presets (even though Lightroom is far better for processing) for all you die-hard Photoshop users.

Here’s the site, check it out: