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karli // senior

It’s been a tad busy around here . . . I’ll probably have photographed 17 senior sessions from March to April and plenty more coming. Karli is one of these awesome seniors that can make every photo look awesome. We started at the La Paloma resort and then headed to the urban downtown area for some more portraits. We did some new gritty stuff and even saw the return of one of my favorite lenses. Thanks Karli!!!


lauren // senior

Another awesome senior session with Lauren. We made good use of the Westin La Paloma resort, then headed down to the 4th Avenue area for some more casual and relaxed portraits. Exploring around that area always yields some fun new locations, it will never get old there…yet. We shot so many awesome photographs during the session that I’m having a hard time picking what’s going on the blog here, too much good stuff…..leave a comment for Lauren!