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Desert blossoms | Tucson Arizona landscape

It’s been a couple days since my last post, but I have a day to breath before the month starts to become really really busy. I had a wonderful wedding this past weekend out at Reflection at the Buttes, I’m traveling to Virginia tomorrow for some engagement photos, then a couple of more engagement sessions in Tucson in the next 2 weeks, and to top it off, a small little trip to the Virgin Islands (St. Croix) for more engagement photos. So those of you that are anxiously waiting for Tonie & Jason’s wedding photos, it might not be this week :) Usually they take about 2 weeks to be up online ready, fully prepped and awesom-ized. Yes, that’s right, they are awesome!

I did want to share a quick photo my grandpa wanted me to take, something that I have never really noticed before. People view the dessert as a dry, ugly and barren place. Yes, at times it can be pretty ugly (and unbearably hot), but during the spring and monsoon season, it becomes quite a haven. Here is the view from my front porch. The yellow trees are the Palo Verde’s in full bloom. You’ll see a bunch of “yellow dust” along the roads and sidewalks for a couple of weeks as they go everywhere! Tucson is very beautiful right now, you just need to stop and take in the view!