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lindsey // senior

Had an awesome session with my first official 2012 senior, Lindsey!  We about melted our faces off at Sabino Canyon, and then later went to the downtown area for some fun urban, chic portraits.  LOVE all of her photos, enjoy!


brianna // senior

It’s getting close to wrapping up senior season, but I’m super glad that I had the chance to work with Brianna.  She’s incredibly smart, a long-distance runner, a new older sister, and has a contagious loving personality that just makes you smile when you are around her!  Looking forward to working with her family later this year, and thank you again for a great session Brianna!


savannah // senior

Savannah has a knack for fashion, and for hotdogs.  We even went to Guero Canelos (they have the BEST sonoran hotdogs out there) for some fun pics!  We all had way too much fun creating her pics.  Fun, demure and beautiful, this is Savannah.