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Business Portraits

I don’t get a whole lot of requests for professional business portraits in Tucson, usually because it’s often something I overlook on the marketing end.  I don’t consider these “run and gun” type of jobs but approach them with the same care and attention as any other type of portrait.

Many business professionals overlook such an important role a professional portrait can be.  Potential customers can make a more personal connection on many levels if you use your portrait on your website, business cards, marketing materials, etc . . .  It puts a face to a name.  Most professionals understand this concept, BUT, I know lots of people (and I’m sure you do to) that have really bad pictures.  A bad picture is WORSE than no picture.  Know anyone that hasn’t said “cheese” in a while? I promise I’ll never make you say that though.

Just thought I’d show a few recent examples :)

Based on their portraits, how many of these people would you NOT want to meet?  I hope your portrait is doing work for you in ways you never thought, and hopefully not working against it’s goal.