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New Album Design – Melissa & Jonathan! Arizona Inn Wedding in Tucson Arizona

I know you are all dying for something new as my blog page has been pretty sparse lately.  Well, you’re probably not . . . but I’d like to think so :)   It has been a busy summer with a number of weddings and many portraits in between, and I’m now just getting caught up with everything.  I wanted to share a recent album design from Melissa & Jonathan’s wedding back in April!  This will be a GraphiStudio album (custom albums hand crafted in Italy) and I can’t wait for it!  They are going to be blown away these are so awesome.  But, most of the awesomeness of a great album comes from a great designer (blatent plug here!).

Thanks for looking, and enjoy!

Reyna – Downtown | relaxed portraits in tucson arizona

This monsoon season sure makes things interesting as far as planning for outdoor portrait sessions.  You never know when it’s going to clear up, and out of nowhere it can start pouring again.  Oh well, atleast I’m not melting anymore :)   Anyway, I had a fun session with Reyna, who is an aspiring photographer and needed some great shots for hew new website.  This was located in downtown Tucson, and it was the perfect time for some great portraits, beautiful weather that wasn’t too hot (but then again I still sweat my head off!)  Thanks for being so awesome Reyna!!