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hannah // senior

Hannah is an another hardcore softball player- complete with a recent injury. But you would never guess with such awesome pictures! We had a blast in Benson, AZ where we found some totally awesome abandoned train cars. Thank you, Hannah, for such a great session!


makayla // senior

Makayla is another hardcore softball player and LOVES to dress up!  We had a great time east of Benson, AZ creating some fun portraits that really capture her personality and style.  Makayla has a bright future ahead with a full-ride scholarship playing softball as a pitcher…she is pretty freaking good at it too.  Best of luck on your final HS season Makayla!


sammi // senior

Sammi is a hardcore softball player that has been playing for practically forever.  She has a few State Championships on her belt and already has a sweet scholarship to play ball out of state!  We headed to Tubac AZ and had a great time in all the lush greenery that the monsoons have created.  Their baseball diamond was totally rad, and at the very end we almost got bit by a 4ft rattlesnake…it definitely woke me up :)  Thanks again Sammi for allowing me to create such awesome portraits for you!


lindsay // senior

Well it’s hard to believe that it has taken me this long to blog.  There are a LOT of really exciting things in the pipeline that I cannot wait to blog.  You’re gonna love it, so if you can be a tad more patient it’l be worth it :)

I had an AWESOME session with Lindsay (and her good friend Amanda) down in the Tubac area.  Lindsay knew exactly what she wanted and we went out and captured exactly that: fun.  They have known each other for a LONG time so she knew they had to have pictures together, having fun.  So, swinging at the park, hanging upside-down from trees, rolling in the leaves, leaf fights and a whole lot more was definitely a recipe for success.  Thanks to both of you for such a great time!