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elizabeth // senior

Elizabeth is another class of 2013 Salpointe grad that wanted some vibrant colors, with a mix of urban and nature.  She definitely nailed it on that one!  Thanks Elizabeth!


tatum // senior

Tatum is very natural in front of the cam…even from the very first minute she was just fun and easy to photograph!  I always enjoy trying new locations as well, and we went to a place in the sabino creek where she would play when she was growing up…it didn’t even look like Tucson! Thanks Tatum!


taylor // senior

I think Taylor was a little nervous her portraits wouldn’t be amazing, and boy was she wrong :)  Another great outdoor session near the Sabino Canyon area, finished off with some southwest ranch style portraits.  The light later in the day really gave some great pastel colors, which accented well with her wardrobe!  Thanks Taylor for some being an awesome model!


sharon // senior

Sharon is very natural in front of the camera, I don’t think she took a bad picture once!  Another set of AWESOME portraits, thank you Sharon!


taylor // senior

I think that Taylor was a bit reserved before we started her senior portraits.  In fact, I think MOST seniors feel this way…that is until I take their portraits :)  Taylor didn’t realize how awesome her portraits would be, and when I showed her one of the first ones on the back of the camera, she was sold :)  She is also a killer volleyball player!  I’m glad we got a chance to capture that and be a bit different with it.  Thanks Taylor!


lindsey // senior

Had an awesome session with my first official 2012 senior, Lindsey!  We about melted our faces off at Sabino Canyon, and then later went to the downtown area for some fun urban, chic portraits.  LOVE all of her photos, enjoy!


brooke // senior

I LOVE new locations, and Brooke had two new locations for me to use. I’ve been to both locations before, but never really to take some awesome portraits. Beautiful day, water in the Sabino Canyon creek, perfect light, this is Brooke.