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Post-Wedding Portraits with Amanda & Jason

I had a great opportunity to work with one of my amazing couples from this summer in shooting some post-wedding portraits. I had set out to create one pic I had in mind while driving to the location, something very scenic, creative and warm. We headed just north of Tucson, back to Saddlebrooke for a 1 hour session.  The clouds provided an awesome addition to this one pic, hope you enjoy it! Thanks again Amanda & Jason!

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Amanda & Jason are wed! | Saddlebrooke Wedding in Tucson Arizona

It was a very emotional day full of smiles, tears, laughs and hugs.  A day I will not soon forget.  I have been so honored to have known the Dillon family and all that I have been able to do with them, and now seeing Amanda & Jason is just thrilling to say the least.  Many of you will remember their historic engagement session where they just tore it up!  Check out their awesome engagement post to relive their awesome pics!

Their wedding was at the beautiful Saddlebrooke Wedding venue, one of the very coolest venues, in my opinion, in all of Tucson.  Lots of beautiful window lighting, HUGE ceilings and just a great all around place!  Every minute of the day was just awesome, and although it was a long one, it was very invigorating and refreshing to be with a couple so in love with each other.  Congratulations again Amanda & Jason (and to your new families!), I can’t wait to photograph the little kiddos :)


Awesome skies the entire day, can’t complain with that!

Check out that ROCK!

WOW!  Instant heart-throb, she is smokin’ in this one!  Looks like a top model to me . . .

My assistant Kyle grabbed these 2 great details

Another WOW!

Guys just couldn’t contain themselves, so much that they . . .

almost ran me over!

I loved this one how her dress is all poofed up, she looks like a Disney princess here!

Another great grab by Kyle, Amanda was so excited about all the people come she was always gazing out the windows to see the commotion :D

It was contagious after a bit apparently

Jason became very emotional as he saw his beautiful bride for the first time coming down the aisle

Another great shot by Kyle

Jason couldn’t keep that smile off his face the entire day!

Another great detail by Kyle

The Dillon’s are VERY proud and happy parents :)

If you look past their awesome beauty, you’ll see a small family of deer in the background, haha!


I love a couple that isn’t afraid to be goofy and have a lot of fun!

Surprise gift from Amanda’s family to Jason . . . is that Nacho Libre?

Dance shot FTW!


I love the bubble exit, so awesome!