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Jessica & Josh | Downtown Tucson Engagement Portraits

I had a super-awesome e-session (engagement session for photographer lingo!) downtown yesterday with Jessica & Josh.  I’ve been super excited to finally work with them since we met back in May.  Their wedding is in about 1 month from now which I can’t wait for as well!  Although it was nice weather, I was hoping for a little bit of sunlight, but the clouds loomed ominously overhead the entire time.  One of my biggest dreams is to shoot in some heavy rain . . . but we didn’t get to that yesterday.  They were both so comfortable and relaxed, it made my job look easy!  You guys rocked my day yesterday!

PS: thanks to my friend Travis for getting some behind-the-scenes shots of me working.  Always fun to see myself in a different perspective!

Me in action here (I need a haircut, wow!):