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arden // senior

Arden is one of those “models” that make it look easy.  She definitely made my job easy and her photos show it!  We were fortunate to have enough time for quite a few outfits and utilized some cool new locations!  Thanks Arden!


alex // senior

Alex and her family are just AWESOME, no doubt about it.  I had a blast working with Alex, photographing everything that involves her personality and character.  I’m really glad I didn’t get hit by a golf ball, but, I did lose my shoe into a big heap of mud while we were under a Tucson underpass…it was totally worth it though.  THANK YOU Alex for being so awesome!  Enjoy :)


gustavo // senior

It’s been a great summer, mainly because I have spent quite a bit of time outside of the scorching Tucson heat. Thankfully, I have awesome portraits to still blog! Gustavo brought his style and his wicked sweet car (jealous) for his portraits. LOVED the light during the whole day, it was killer. Enjoy!


wren // senior

Wren came to me looking for something with fashion, something a bit funky and fun.  We headed down south of Tubac and had some fun with playground equipment, strolling through a grove of trees and even getting in the stream.  The light was AMAZING that day, and Wren really pulled off the look she wanted.  Thank you Wren!