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luke // senior

Luke came to me with a completely open mind and told me to do what I do.  He knew whatever I’d capture would be awesome and wanted my true style.  Thanks Luke, I had a blast!


tyler // senior

Tyler is my last senior portrait for 2012 and I can’t believe the year is already winding down. I’ve had a great 2012 year and Tyler’s portraits are honestly some of my absolute favorites. We started with some casual baseball portraits, and then explored the downtown area and tried out some new things. This kid could be on the cover of a few magazines. Thanks Tyler!


emily // senior

I’ve known I was going to shoot Emily’s senior photos for about 4 years now when I first photographed her family.  I photographed her sister’s senior photos over 2 years ago, and I know Emily was patiently waiting her turn.  We made plans to travel down to her parents farm south of Benson, AZ.  This part of AZ is one of the most beautiful areas I’ve ever seen.  Large open fields with great scenery, and the weather is to die for.  Thank you Emily!


natalie // senior

I love it when seniors bring their friends (or boy/girlfriend) along, always makes it more interesting behind the scenes, and Natalie & Sean are a pretty darling couple. It’s almost as if they make a great “hollywood” couple together :) Thanks for an awesome time!


libby // senior

Libby is officially my last 2012 senior of the season!  Even though graduation has passed, it’s better late than never to get some awesome senior portraits that will never go out of style.  Libby brought a lot of personality to her images, and her wardrobe was so fun to work with!  Love all the colors!


jj + ashley // seniors

Yep, two sets of twins on the blog in a row, I think that’s a record :)  JJ + Ashley were super awesome and just couldn’t stop having fun one photo after the other!  Tubac was a perfect place for their photos, and also some more just for JJ.  Just love the light in these!  Thanks JJ + Ashley!


danielle + nicole // seniors

While this isn’t the first set of twins I’ve worked with, just the first identical twins.  We had a blast shooting down near Sonoita and it was just an amazingly beautiful day.  We would switch off from shot to shot between Danielle + Nicole, and it seemed to progressively get better as we went along.  I just LOVE their photos!  Thanks Danielle + Nicole!


sierra // senior

It was a rather windy day, but at least it wasn’t scorching hot!  I had a great session with Sierra out in the Vail area, and we finished in downtown Tucson with some areas that had lots of color.  Sierra is definitely a natural, thanks Sierra!


hannah // senior

Meet Hannah + Dutchey.  Dutchey is a pretty amazing horse, and we all traveled down to the Sonoita area where he lives  to visit.  We had some of the most beautiful light that day, and Hannah totally just killed it…thanks Hannah!

PS – It is the most beautiful part of Arizona ever, so if you’ve never been south to Sonoita, you are missing out.


haili // senior

I really had a blast working with Haili…and her personality is gushing in her portraits!  Thank you for an awesome shoot, some of my very favorites!


mason // senior

Mason is #2 in the family that I have had the privilege to photograph!  I photographed his brother Mylen last year…man does time fly!  Mason is just a cool and chill dude, makes modeling look easy.  Oh, he has a pretty neat tattoo as well.  Thanks Mason!


andrew // senior

Andrew is officially my last senior I got to photograph in 2011, and we certainly went out with a bang! Andrew is an incredible golfer…I only know this because everyone at the club we went to knew him by name…AND he has a scholarship to the #1 golf team in the country. Ya, kid is good. Sweet mustang, awesome light = epic photos. I’m also very very fond of the 2nd to last photo, one of my favorite portraits ever! So excited to get it printed big and displayed how I would present it. Thank you Andrew!


natalie // senior

I had an awesome and fun time with Natalie out in the Benson area.  Many laughs were had with her and her sister, and I’m just in love with these images!  We got rained (hailed) out the first time we were planned for her portraits, but this day was just absolutely perfect!  Thanks again Natalie!


jessika // senior

You might be wondering if the volleyball net was really out in the middle of no where.  Yes, of course it was :)  I had an awesome time making some fabulous portraits for Jessika.  Her parents are the nicest ever, they came out on set up a net so we could get some fun, different, yet awesome portraits with her passion: volleyball!  Thanks so much for a great time!


lindsey // senior

Had an awesome session with my first official 2012 senior, Lindsey!  We about melted our faces off at Sabino Canyon, and then later went to the downtown area for some fun urban, chic portraits.  LOVE all of her photos, enjoy!


caitlin // senior

Caitlin is officially my last 2011 senior.  We had a great time in the Sabino Canyon creek, thankfully it wasn’t scorching hot out yet!  We then headed down to the UofA since she’ll be a Wildcat this coming fall!  Good times and laughs were had, thanks Caitlin!


brianna // senior

It’s getting close to wrapping up senior season, but I’m super glad that I had the chance to work with Brianna.  She’s incredibly smart, a long-distance runner, a new older sister, and has a contagious loving personality that just makes you smile when you are around her!  Looking forward to working with her family later this year, and thank you again for a great session Brianna!


karolyn // senior

It’s always fun trying new locations and ideas for senior portraits!  Karolyn wanted lots of color, and something somewhat traditional and classy, yet still a lot of fun.  I think we nailed it.  Thank you Karolyn!


paisley // senior

Paisley was meant for Bisbee. I knew it when we first met and started talking about her style, taste, and what she and her mom were looking for. It’s been quite a while since I had been there, but I had a blast working with both of them. You wouldn’t even know from the pictures that it was EXTREMELY windy the entire day, but Paisley totally rocked this one. Totally new locations that we found on the side of the road. I love my job. Thanks Paisley!


lindsey // senior

Had another fun session with Lindsey at the TV Ranch and then some more in the downtown Tucson area.  She’s definitely one of the few senior girls that I have photographed that has a wicked cool car; I’m officially jealous as I always wanted a Camaro when I was in High School.  Fun, cute and colorful, this is Lindsey.


dea // senior

When Dea met with me about her senior portraits, she said she was very critical of photographers of herself.  No sweat!  If you have fun (which ALWAYS happens during my sessions), then your photographs will be awesome.  She told me she loved the nature atmosphere, and wanted to do some near water.  What she didn’t tell me was she wanted to be IN the water . . . that means I had to be IN the water too.  It was SO worth it too!  Casual, nature, water and cowboy hats; this is Dea.


jenna // senior

Another AMAZING senior session with Jenna. Everything about this session simply rocked. I was able to try out two brand new locations, both of which will remain a secret . . . mainly because one of them is a private ranch that we had special permission to use. Let me say it was just AMAZING. The light, locations, senior (and her assistant) were just fab. Thanks Jenna!


amanda // senior

Had another rockin’ session with Amanda. Fun, spirited, extremely gorgeous and an all around great session. Hard to take a bad photograph of Amanda!


danielle // senior

Another AMAZING senior session with Danielle. Arizona is amazing this time of year. Desert, rocks, scenery and softball, all below. It just happens to be her birthday too!

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abbi // senior

One thing that I LOVE about Arizona, is that we can shoot almost any day of the year, regardless if it is officially “winter” here.  I had a total blast working with Abbi.  She’s fun to hang out with, easy to talk to, enjoys horses and dance, and has a smile like none other.  I also think she kind of looks like Jennifer Aniston, but maybe that’s just me.  LOTS of photos below, thanks Abbi!