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ashley & troy // engaged

I’ve been excited about posting these images for a few weeks now because there is soooo much to like about Ashley & Troy…and about their pics too! Ashley was a bridesmaid in Emma & Danny’s weddingalmost 2 years ago, and apparently has stalked my blog ever since. Pretty flattering to say the least! It gets better :) Troy planned a day for engagement portraits, and Ashley thought her sister was going to be the photographer. I pulled up to the location and was getting my gear ready, Ashley recognized me and said hi, but she had no idea that I was going to be the one photographing for them. She just thought it was a pretty big coincidence that I happened to be in the same place, at the same time, and for the same purpose as they were. I played along for a few minutes before telling her that her sister couldn’t make it and I would be filling in. I’m glad she didn’t mind the swap :) It feels kind of weird being the surprise, but it was certainly fun to be a part of it!