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danielle + nicole // seniors

While this isn’t the first set of twins I’ve worked with, just the first identical twins.  We had a blast shooting down near Sonoita and it was just an amazingly beautiful day.  We would switch off from shot to shot between Danielle + Nicole, and it seemed to progressively get better as we went along.  I just LOVE their photos!  Thanks Danielle + Nicole!


hannah // senior

Meet Hannah + Dutchey.  Dutchey is a pretty amazing horse, and we all traveled down to the Sonoita area where he lives  to visit.  We had some of the most beautiful light that day, and Hannah totally just killed it…thanks Hannah!

PS – It is the most beautiful part of Arizona ever, so if you’ve never been south to Sonoita, you are missing out.


colleen // senior

Colleen is an extremely talented pianist, and I even got to use my own piano for a shoot!  We went to Sonoita to visit her family’s ranch house, and oh my Sonoita is sooooo beautiful!  Mountains, fields, everything was just absolutely gorgeous.  We even got to escape to some cooler weather and had a blast down there.  Thanks Colleen (and mom) for an awesome time!