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Data Management, Backup Solution: For Photographers

First and foremost, I want to mention that this article/blogpost/guide is a long time in the making.  Not that I have been working and preparing my comments for a number of months, but that it has been on my mind for probably one year now.  A lot of friends and colleagues have asked me a lot about my current data management and backup system and I feel the desire to help others better understand the options that are available today.

Although the intended audience for this post is mainly for photographers or anyone who wants a little more insight about digital asset management, it is a good read for anyone who wants to understand how important it is to have a photographer (or graphic designer, printer, etc etc) who takes their digital assets very seriously.  If you were a bride, how would you feel if your photographer had to explain to you that your images were lost, deleted, destroyed.  You probably would not like it and you would probably wonder what happened.  A photographer that does NOT take digital asset management seriously, should not be toying with events as important as weddings.  More after the break.